Dag Hammarskjold — Belgian Intel Agency Fabricated Mercenary Alibi

“Risseghem left Lint (his home address) on September 16 1961, saying he would go to Katanga ‘to resume the fight’.” 

 VSSE report (September 20 1961)

Belgian mercenary Jan van Risseghem

On January 12 2019, The Guardian confirmed that Belgian mercenary Jan van Risseghem was indeed the person responsible for the death of Dag Hammarskjold and his crew, as previously reported by Intel Today. But some people quickly objected that Risseghem had an alibi. Really? Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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In November 2017, a very credible source told INTEL TODAY that Jan Van Risseghem was the Belgian mercenary responsible for the death of Dag Hammarskjold.

But there was just one ‘glitch’. The Belgian State Security Services — VSSE — had provided Jan Van Risseghem with a rock solid alibi.

However, newly released official documents from the VSSE show that this alibi is a pure fabrication…

[Belgian journalist Bruno Struys really deserves our respect for his persistent and excellent work in trying to get access to these documents. Great article published by the Flemish Newspaper De Morgen! Expect some updates very soon…]

First Alibi

On September 19 1961 — a day after the plane crash that killed Dag Hammarskjöld — the Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister asked Ludovic Caeymaex — the General Director of State Security — to investigate the ‘whereabouts’ of a well-known Belgian pilot Jan van Risseghem.

According to Caeymaex, Van Risseghem did not leave Belgium for Elizabethville —  via Paris — until 18 September 1961. According to the then VSSE Director, Risseghem arrived in the Katangese capital on 21 September 1961.

However, a VSSE report dated  September 20 1961, provides the following contradictory information.

“Risseghem left Lint (his home address) on September 16 1961, saying he would go to Katanga ‘to resume the fight’.” (REPORT OF STATE SECURITY OF 20 SEPTEMBER 1961)

A  VSSE report dated September 21 1961 confirms this information and states that he flew to Paris in the evening of September 16 1961 and then to Katanga.

“On Saturday, September 16th, 1961, he did leave Lint, and following his own declarations to go to the Katanga, where he would serve again in the national Air Force of this republic.

On the mentioned date he would have travelled from Brussels by airplane at 1700 hrs with an ordinary flight Brussels-Paris.

From this last named city he would have travelled further to the Katanga.”

Second Alibi

In a note (October 1961) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Caeymaex states that Van Risseghem was in Brussels, Belgium, on 17 September 1961.

“Risseghem presented himself in Brussels to the Délégation Katangaise to arrange his administrative and financial situation.”

But an official document demonstrates that Van Risseghem visited the Katangese delegation the day before, September 16 1961. On that day, Van Risseghem received 1,500 francs from the Katangese mission.

Third & Fourth Alibi

In the past, the receipt of a payment from the Sabena Solidarity Fund on 17 September 1961 also served as an alibi for Van Risseghem. Obviously, that is impossible.

Indeed, It appears that someone else — with power of attorney — collected that payment.

And of course, his own diary indicates that Van Risseghem was still in Belgium on September 17 1961. But it has long been known that the diary had been ‘doctored’ by his wife.

A Simple Question

Based on this evidence and the length of the flight, it appears that Van Risseghem could have been in Katanga before noon on September 17 1961.

Why did the Belgian Intelligence services fabricate an alibi for Jan Van Risseghem?

PS: The documents listed in this post were translated and posted online by Victor Rosez.


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Dag Hammarskjold — Belgian Intel Agency Made Up Mercenary Alibi

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2 Responses to Dag Hammarskjold — Belgian Intel Agency Fabricated Mercenary Alibi

  1. victorrosez says:

    I thank you for publishing some sheets of the released documents by the Belgian secret services. The copy you are using is my own copy that I translated in English and which you can find on the following Scribd link:


    On the Katanga mission sheet in new French Francs we also can see the name of Bob Denard.
    The sheet says that Bob Denard got some money from the mission on 19 and 20 eptember, 1961. This is impossible as I saw Bob Denard myself in the night of 15/16 September 1961 in the Avenue Wangermee, very near to Radio College in Elisabethville.

    This same not real dates (probably the booking dates instead of the real time dates) are applying to Jan vVan Risseghem too.


  2. victorrosez says:

    The payments done by the Katangese mission were done in New French francs with a value of 10 Belgian Francs for 1 New French Franc. So the sum of 1500 Franc that was paid to Van Risseghem (aka somebody with power of attorney) represented 15.000 Belgian Francs which was in that time a reasonable high month salary. The question is why he was paid by the Katangese Mission (in Belgium) in a French currency? ( This is very uncommon.) …. except if that payment was done in Paris.


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