Questions About the CIA? Just Ask Molly Hale!

“Meet Molly Hale. She’s been the CIA’s public voice since 2002, responding to faxes, phone calls, emails, and snail mail sent to the Agency. Now she’s going digital.”

CIA Website (February 4 2019)

February 4 2019 — Today CIA Molly Hale went digital. I could not resist firing the very first question on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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“Molly Hale,” as you may have guessed, is a pseudonym.

“Over the years, there have been several different ‘Mollys,’ including a few men!

All are real people, who work at the Agency. Some were Molly for only a short time, while others served as Molly for years.

It’s a unique role and one that we are excited to introduce to the social media world.”

How to Submit a Question?

The easiest way to submit a question for Molly is on the CIA official @CIA Twitter and Facebook pages using the hashtag #AskMollyHale.

Let Us Get Started!

So, we decided not to waste any time, and we fired the first tweet to Molly!

Dear Molly, Could you tell us how many stars on the Memorial Wall are known to represent women? Regards, Intel Today   (11:07 AM – 4 Feb 2019 )

And this question is the very first tweet sent with the #AskMollyHale hashtag!

About 25 minutes later, Molly began to post a few tweets about herself… Will she answer my question?


Have a Question About the CIA? Ask Molly! — CIA Website


Questions About the CIA? Just Ask Molly Hale!

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