Havana Syndrome — Antennae or Antennas?

“There’s plenty of debate in the medical community over what, if any, physical damage there is to these individuals. All I can say fairly definitively is that the A.P.-released recording is of a cricket, and we think we know what species it is.”

Alexander Stubbs — University of California, Berkeley (January 2019)

“As soon as the US media reported the mysterious illness affecting the US diplomats, I suggested than a microwave weapon — and not sonic attacks — may be the cause of the ‘Havana syndrome’. To the best of my knowledge, I may have been the first person to suggest that the noise ‘heard’ by the victims could have been in fact an illusion caused by the exposure of the acoustic nerve to microwave — GSM like — radiations.”

Intel Today (October 3  2017)

In September 2018, US investigators announced that the US diplomats in Havana have probably been the object of a microwave attack. Now, Berkeley scientists believe that the recording of one “sonic attack”  is actually the singing of a very loud cricket! So, what is the real cause of the Havana syndrome: Antennae or antennas? Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Note — In the U.S. and Canada, the plural of the noun antenna is antennae when the word denotes the flexible sensory appendages on insects and other animals. But when the word refers to a metallic apparatus for sending or receiving electromagnetic signals, American and Canadian writers usually use antennas. (1)

Let us keep this post real simple.

A study, conducted by physicians at the University of Miami and the University of Pittsburgh published in the Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology journal in December 2018, found that all of the individuals involved have suffered “unsteadiness and features of cognitive impairment.”

The doctors treating the US diplomats have now confirmed that these patients displayed abnormalities in the otolithic organs. These organs help maintain the body’s balance. “These tests that we did cannot be faked,” says Dr. Michael Hoffer.

In October 2017, I suggested than a microwave weapon — and not sonic attacks — may be the cause of the “Havana syndrome”.

“When exposed to a repeated sequence of RF pulses, a human subject could experience a sensation of “hearing” some type of sound, including noise.

For this to actually happen, the RF pulses must have a minimal power density. Various experiments conducted at several microwave frequencies and various pulse lengths (from 1 to 100 microsecond) suggest that an average power density of 0.1 milli Watt per cm2 is sufficient to trigger this effect.

The tone heard by the subject is – at least in good approximation – independent of the RF frequency. Instead, the tone would depend on the microwave pulse width, number of pulses, and repetition cycle or rate.

For a ‘normal adult’, the range of the ‘RF sounds’ that can be perceived will go from about 7 to 15 kHz. It does depend on the size of the head but also on the response of the subject to acoustic waves. People with high audio frequency hearing loss, would not hear such RF induced sound or experience acoustic effect.

According to US media, the sounds — described by the US diplomats — range from 7 to 10 kHz. That is absolutely compatible with the RF acoustic effect.”

Please, understand that the person, exposed to a repeated sequence of RF pulses,  experiences a “sensation of hearing” which can not be heard by others and cannot be recorded!

On October 3 2017, I wrote:

“Quick Analysis — If the facts are confirmed and if the effects are indeed caused by a physical device, I find the microwave explanation far more likely than a sonic attack; for many reasons.

If this is indeed the case, I expect to hear nothing further in the future because the truth would sent a wave of panic in the Telecom sector.”

On August 29 2018, Beatrice Golomb — MD, PhD, professor of medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicine — concluded that reported symptoms and experiences of a “mystery illness” afflicting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China strongly match known effects of pulsed microwave electromagnetic radiation.

On September 1 2018, the NYT published a long article titled:  “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers.

Obviously, there is a good chance that I was right about the microwave attacks. I am afraid that my second prediction may also be correct. Has the official cover-up begun? I think so.

Allow me to make one point very clear. Microwave weapons and microwave spying is not an old Russian thing. Spy agencies around the world, including the NSA and the CIA, use it to gather information on their opponents, and allies.

INTEL TODAY was even able to determine the frequencies used by the NSA with the help from some documents leaked by Ed Snowden.

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Until the MSM are willing to dig into this issue, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell to establish the truth behind the mystery of the Havana Syndrome.

By the way…. The Executive Order 12036 signed by President Carter (January 24 1978) imposed a restriction that has never been discussed by the MSM.

“Electronic Surveillance. The CIA may not engage in any electronic surveillance within the United States. No agency within the Intelligence Community shall engage in any electronic surveillance directed against a United States person abroad  (…)”

What is it anyway?

“Electronic Surveillance means acquisition of a nonpublic communication by electronic means without the consent of a person who is a party to an electronic communication or, in the case of a nonelectronic communication, without the consent of a person who is visibly present at the place of communication, but  not including the use of radio direction finding equipment solely to determine the location of a transmitter.”

Think about these things…

For the record — The expression “Havana Syndrome” was coined by Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer and appeared for the first time in a story published by the Intel Today blog on October 3 2017. [Here is the tweet] Why would Wikipedia dispute such a simple fact?


The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say — NYT

(1) British writers tend to use antennae for both purposes. Australian and New Zealand writers are split on the matter, using both plurals for the metallic devices.


Havana Syndrome — Antennae vs. antennas

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  1. Edgar Gillham says:

    I would suggest that microwave pulse is not relevant in this matter, having worked in an active microwave testing laboratory for over 25 years exposed to every conceivable pulse width as a means of manufacturing. High voltage microwave amplifiers are started up at 1`% duty cycle also known as pulse width, and slowly increased up to continuous wave in order to make necessary adjustments without damaging the device. I would suggest instead modulation of the microwave beam be studied. The process of modulation can be understood by relating to AM and FM (amplitude modulation and frequency modulation of the carrier signal in common radio terminology).


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