Two Years Ago — PUTIN : “Trump Dossier Is Utter Nonsense”

“I find it hard to imagine he [Mr Trump] ran to a hotel to meet our girls of ‘low social responsibility’… though they are of course also the best in the world. But I doubt Trump took that bait.”

Russia President Vladimir Putin

“That [Steele dossier] is a garbage document. It never should have been presented in — as part of an intelligence briefing.”

US journalist Bob Woodward

“When spies get angry, they call reporters and arrange discreet chats in parking garages. The last president who entered the Oval Office with this much dislike and distrust of the IC was Richard Nixon—and we know how that worked out for him.”

John R. Schindler — Former NSA and professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College

“I can tell you right now Brennan is an asshole. I have known all these people for years. Clapper is — sort of — a better guy but not a rocket scientist. The NSA guys are fucking morons. You know the trouble with all of those guys is that the only way they are going to make it to a board, or two, and get hired (…) to deliver some fat cat contracts is if Hillary stayed in.”

Seymour Hersh [Phone interview]


January 17 2017 — Russian President Vladimir Putin describes allegations his country holds compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump as “utter nonsense”. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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UPDATE (January 17 2019) — It has been two years since the so-called Steele dossier was published by BuzzFeed News for public consumption.

INTEL TODAY would like to know what you think. Is the Steele dossier a genuine work of intelligence or a piece of disinformation?

In December 2018, radio host John Ziegler interviewed Michael Isikoff, one of the biggest proponents of the Russia-gate story.

In April 2017, Isikoff and his co-writer, journalist David Corn published “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.”

Ziegler began with what he apparently thought was a soft-ball question.

“Would you agree that a lot of what is in the Steele Dossier has been at least somewhat vindicated?”

“No,” said Isikoff flatly.

In their analysis of the Steele dossier published on January 10 2019, Business Insider journalists describe the dossier as a “largely unverified document.”


Mr Putin also said the ‘Trump Memos’ are clearly fakes, published to undermine the legitimacy of the elected president.

“When Trump came to Moscow, he was not a political figure, we were not even aware of his political ambitions,” Mr Putin said.

“Does somebody think that our secret services are chasing every American billionaire? Of course not. It is utter nonsense.”

Legendary US journalist Bob Woodward agrees.

“That is a garbage document. It never should have been presented in — as part of an intelligence briefing.”

“And I think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we’ve had, who were terrific and have done great work, made a mistake here.

And when people make mistakes, they should apologize.”

PUTIN: The people behind the Trump dossier are ‘worse than prostitutes.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the press about the Trump dossier, stating that he thinks the allegations are false.


Russia’s Putin calls leaked Trump memos ‘utter nonsense’ — BBC


One Year Ago — PUTIN : “Trump Dossier is Utter Nonsense”

Two Years Ago — PUTIN : “Trump Dossier is Utter Nonsense”

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