TOP INTEL TODAY 2018 STORIES — #6 : “Salisbury Incident — Was ‘Novichok Killer’ Driving License Photoshopped?”

“According to the OSAGO insurance policies database, this driver’s license is indeed registered in the name of Anatoly Vladimirovich Chepiga.”

Crime Russia (October 6 2018)

“Do you never wonder how all this information about this apparently top-secret dude is so easy to come by? Who took this picture? How did they get hold of his driving licence? How do you know it’s genuine? Why don’t journalists ask questions anymore?”

Michael Marshall (Twitter October 6 2018)

CIT Tweet : “A source sent us a photo of what appears to be a driver’s license issued to GRU colonel Anatoliy Chepiga who is suspected of poisoning the Skripals in the UK. The license apparently was issued back when he was serving in a Spetsnaz unit in Khabarovsk before transfer to Moscow.”

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Crime Russia has reported that independent investigators from “Conflict Intelligence Team” (CIT) posted — via their Twitter account — a picture of a driving license, which allegedly belongs to GRU Colonel Anatoly Chepiga.  There is one problem. This document is obviously a forgery.

The Insider and Bellingcat claim that Anatoly Chepiga is actually the real name of ‘Ruslan Boshirov’, one of the two Russians charged by the British authorities with the poisoning of Sergey Skripal — a former British spy and  ex-GRU Colonel of the Ministry of Defense — and his daughter.

According to the document, the Interdistrict Registration and Examination Unit of the traffic police in Khabarovsk granted Chepiga the license in May 2009.

Was Chepiga Driving License Photoshopped?

First, let me show you what a regular “John Doe” Russian driving license looks like.

Please, notice the stamp over the picture and the document. There is almost no discontinuity either on the left or the bottom part of the picture of Mr Smirnov.

But now, take a good look at the same part of “Chepiga’s driving licence”!

On this document, there appears to be two different shades of blue. Also, there is no evidence of the stamp under the pic. Finally, there is a gap on the left of the photo.

Why on earth, why?

With a bit of work, you can easily discover that the circles on the document and on the photo do NOT have the same center!

If you read the word “Хабаровскmy” on the inner circle, it is absolutely obvious that the beginning of the word Хаб” and the rest of it “аровскmy” were not printed by the same stamp tool as the first three letters are printed a bit higher than the rest of the word.

That document is an obvious forgery. Period.


Picture of Chepiga-Boshirov’s driver’s license published — Crime Russia


Salisbury Incident — Was “Novichok Killer” Driving License Photoshopped?

TOP INTEL TODAY 2018 STORIES — #6 : “Salisbury Incident — Was ‘Novichok Killer’ Driving License Photoshopped?”

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