TOP INTEL TODAY 2018 STORIES — #7 : “Havana Syndrome & Microwave Weapons : Q&A with Professor James Lin”

“Whether or not a microwave weapon was the culprit, this stealth technique may be a weapon of the future. I would not be surprised if some military establishment around the world invests or has already been engaged in such a program.”

Professor James Lin — University of Illinois at Chicago

“We’re not saying it’s not an injury to the brain. It may be. We do know, for sure, that it’s an injury to the ear and that the brain is affected.”

Dr. Michael E. Hoffer — University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine

“We have measurable, quantifiable evidence that something really did happen to the patients. It’s not just hysteria.”

Dr. Carey Balaban — Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Professor James Lin

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UPDATE (January 4 2019) — As soon as the US media reported the mysterious illness affecting the US diplomats, I suggested than a microwave weapon — and not sonic attacks — may be the cause of the “Havana syndrome”.

To the best of my knowledge, I may have been the first person to suggest that the noise “heard” by the victims could have been in fact an illusion caused by the exposure of the acoustic nerve to microwave — GSM like — radiations.

On October 3 2017, I wrote:

“Quick Analysis — If the facts are confirmed and if the effects are indeed caused by a physical device, I find the microwave explanation far more likely than a sonic attack; for many reasons.

If this is indeed the case, I expect to hear nothing further in the future because the truth would sent a wave of panic in the Telecom sector.”

On August 29 2018, Beatrice Golomb — MD, PhD, professor of medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicine — concluded that reported symptoms and experiences of a “mystery illness” afflicting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China strongly match known effects of pulsed microwave electromagnetic radiation.

On September 1 2018, the NYT published a long article titled:  “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers.

Obviously, there is a good chance that I was right about the microwave attacks. I am afraid that my second prediction may also be correct. Has the official cover-up begun? I think so.

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Despite clear scientific evidence to the contrary, the Wikipedia page on the “Havana Syndrome” continue to argue that mass hysteria could be to blame. I find such attitude both abhorrent and highly suspicious.

I believe that the Wikipedia administrator “Pharos” — who is controlling this page — is working on the same team as Linda Mack and  Philip Cross.

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For the record — The expression “Havana Syndrome” was coined by Dr. Ludwig De Braeckeleer and appeared for the first time in a story published by the Intel Today blog on October 3 2017. [Here is the tweet] Why would Wikipedia dispute such a simple fact?


In October 2017, I suggested than a microwave weapon — and not sonic attacks — may be the cause of the “Havana syndrome”.

Professor James Lin just published a paper on the possibility that the Havana syndrome might indeed be explained by a secret microwave weapon.

Professor Lin has kindly agreed to review the known facts about this case and compare them to our current knowledge of ‘microwave weapons’.

Professor James Lin, an expert in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

His research interests include: Biomedical instrumentation; Electromagnetic Engineering for Biology and Medicine; Imaging and Sensing; Bioelectromagnetics; Mobile Telecommunication Safety; Biological Interactions of Electromagnetic Radiation Including RF, Microwaves, and Lasers.

In a recent publication, Professor Lin suggests that microwave weapons could have generated the mysterious sounds heard by the US spies in Havana.

Specifically, Lin points out that:

“It is plausible that the loud buzzing, burst of sound, or acoustic pressure waves may have been covertly delivered using high-power microwave radiation, rather than blasting the subjects with conventional sonic sources.”


“Studies have shown that the auditory phenomenon occurs at a microwave radiation specific-energy-absorption rate threshold of 1.6 W/g for a single 10 μs wide pulse of microwaves aimed at the subject or subject’s head…”

Depending on the power density of the microwave pulses, the induced sound pressure could cause serious discomfort to the subject.

This type of microwave attack could explain the various reported effects such as ear-ringing, permanent hearing loss, balance trouble, dizziness, nausea and even brain tissue injuries.

Definition —  Radio frequency (RF) is any of the electromagnetic wave frequencies that lie in the range extending from around 20 kHz to 300 GHz, roughly the frequencies used in radio communication.

[INTEL TODAY — Please, understand that 300 GHz is NOT the upper limit of Non Ionizing radiations! Some countries — such as Belgium — have laws that are totally mistaken about this definition with numerous and grave consequences.]

The term does not have an official definition, and different sources specify slightly different upper and lower bounds for the frequency range.

Frequencies of 1 GHz and above are conventionally called microwave, while frequencies of 300 GHz and above are designated millimeter wave.

More detailed band designations are given by the standard IEEE letter – band frequency designations and the EU/NATO frequency designations. [Wikipedia]

Microwave Weapons — What do we know?

I have contacted Professor Lin who kindly agreed to help me reviewing the key facts in order to assess the plausibility of a microwave attack.

The following facts are scientifically well established.

When exposed to a repeated sequence of RF pulses, a human subject could experience a sensation of “hearing” some type of sound, including noise.

For this to actually happen, the RF pulses must have a minimal power density. Various experiments conducted at several microwave frequencies and various pulse lengths (from 1 to 100 microsecond) suggest that an average power density of 0.1 milli Watt per cm2 is sufficient to trigger this effect.

The tone heard by the subject is – at least in good approximation – independent of the RF frequency. Instead, the tone would depend on the microwave pulse width, number of pulses, and repetition cycle or rate.

For a ‘normal adult’, the range of the ‘RF sounds’ that can be perceived will go from about 7 to 15 kHz. It does depend on the size of the head but also on the response of the subject to acoustic waves.

People with high audio frequency hearing loss, would not hear such RF induced sound or experience acoustic effect.

According to US media, the sounds — described by the US diplomats — range from 7 to 10 kHz. That is absolutely compatible with the RF acoustic effect.

But is it Plausible?

Based on the facts explained just above, a microwave attack certainly appears possible. But is it plausible? How big would such ‘microwave gun’ need to be?

A US professor recently claimed that a RF weapon powerful enough to trigger the effect would have to be very large and thus unpractical.

Building a microwave pulse gun, however, is an implausible concept, according to Kenneth Foster, New Scientist reports.

“That theory is a real stretch,” the bioengineering professor at the University of Pennsylvania says.

“It would require something like a major airport radar transmitter with the subject’s head close to the antenna in its direct beam … I guess it is possible, but not likely.”

I find this argument quite dubious and confused. The effect was indeed discovered by people working near airport radars. But that does not imply that such large devices are needed!

Professor Lin strongly disagrees with Foster’s comment . [INTEL TODAY — There is no doubt that Prof. Lin is absolutely correct about this.]

“To my knowledge, he does not have any “actual” experience in producing hearing through microwave auditory effects in animals or humans.

The experimental setup does not need to be large and it is not difficult to do, if one has a high power pulsed microwave generator. All other equipments are commonly available lab electronic instruments.

They can be arranged on a typical lab bench or small SUV-size automobile, to produce the phenomenon at a threshold hearing  level or trigger the microwave auditory effect.”

Brain Damage?

Finally, US Medical tests reveal that the brains’ victims have change in their ‘white tracts’.

“Whether it is the white matter, grey matter or any other brain tissue, potential damages to brain tissue would depend on several factors  such as frequency and intensity of pulsed microwave or RF radiation, and the intensity and duration of the shock wave or acoustic wave of pressure generated inside the head.

I would not expect any brain tissue damage at threshold hearing level.”

This final point is a bit puzzling but keep in mind that there is no way to know if these changes are actually related to the attacks or if they were caused by past experiences.

This is an important point considering that it is known that most — if not all — US diplomats who suffer from the Havana syndrome are actually spies who may have had a career in the military and may have been exposed to explosions for instance.

UPDATE (June 22 2018) —  On Thursday, the US State Department said that the number of US diplomats affected by the alleged “acoustic attacks” in Cuba has risen to 25.

In a press briefing, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that “one US diplomat working at the US Embassy in Havana was medically confirmed to have experienced health effects similar to those that were reported by members of the US Havana diplomatic community.”

The Cuban government was informed of this occurrence on May 29.

Mark Zaid, a US lawyer who specializes in national security cases, has been hired by eight of the victims within the past two months.

He wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week asking for a meeting, but has not received a reply.

On June 20 2018, Mark Zaid tweeted:

“We represent numerous @StateDept diplomats & family members injured in #Cuba by hostile foreign attack. What is our Govt doing to prevent this in the future & more importantly to take care of our own injured personnel? I believe these attacks are not new.”

In his next tweet, Zaid wrote:

“Here is the @washingtonpost article by @ianshapira about our former @NSAGov client [Mike Beck] who was injured by a hostile foreign power #microwave attack. Connected?”

Mike Beck is a retired National Security Agency counterintelligence officer who suffered a “potentially similar attack” in the 1990s when he traveled to an unidentified country.

Years later, Beck and a companion on the trip were found to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease. A confidential report convinced him that his illness was linked to a covert attack with a weapon that used microwaves, Beck told The Washington Post last year.

“My gut is that this has been going on for a while. The NSA has revealed to me in an unclassified setting that a foreign power has used a microwave weapon against people.”


The following video includes shots taken from Professor James Lin’s lab some years ago.

Professor Lin told me that this video was originally produced by a TV program entitled:  Ultra-Science III – Spies Like Us.


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Havana Syndrome & Microwave Weapons: Q&A with Professor James Lin [UPDATE 3]

TOP INTEL TODAY 2018 STORIES — #7 : “Havana Syndrome & Microwave Weapons: Q&A with Professor James Lin”

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