One Year Ago — The Havana Syndrome : Sonic Attacks or Microwave Weapons?

“What we’ve said to the Cubans is: Small island. You’ve got a sophisticated intelligence apparatus. You probably know who’s doing it. You can stop it. It’s as simple as that.”

Rex Tillerson — US Secretary of State  (December 6 2017)

December 8 2016 — US officials briefed on the investigation no longer use the term “sonic attack”. The weird noises heard by the victims are believed to be a consequence and not the cause of this suspected attack on US diplomats — actually spies — by a foreign government. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (December 8 2018) — On October 3 2017, I posted a story titled : “US Spies & the Havana Syndrome“. We can probably agree now that it was an important story.

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Firstly, I coined the expression “Havana syndrome” which is now widely used in the media and by the medical community.

Secondly, I was also the first person to suggest that the noise “heard” by the victims could have been in fact an illusion caused by the exposure of the acoustic nerve to microwave — GSM like — radiations.

On August 29 2018, Beatrice Golomb — MD, PhD, professor of medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicine — concluded that reported symptoms and experiences of a “mystery illness” afflicting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China strongly match known effects of pulsed microwave electromagnetic radiation.

On September 1 2018, the NYT published a long article titled:  “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers.

Thirdly, I predicted a major cover-up because “the truth about a microwave attack would sent a wave of panic in the Telecom sector.”

Laura Hughes, an Air Force veteran, said her daughter Catherine Werner is struggling with the effects of traumatic brain injury after experiencing strange sounds and sensations at her apartment in Guangzhou, where Werner was a foreign trade officer until being medevaced out earlier this year. She’s calling on the US State Department to do more to solve the mystery.

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Laura Hughes believes that rather than conducting a transparent investigation, some State Department officials have been “misinforming and they’ve been suppressing information.”


In a recent post ( US Spies & the Havana Syndrome), I suggested that a microwave exposure would better explain the victims’ reported symptoms than a secret acoustic weapon.

To the best of my knowledge, I may have been the first person to suggest that the noise “heard” by the victims may have been in fact an illusion caused by the exposure of the acoustic nerve to microwave — GSM like — radiations.

Well, US researchers investigating the case appear to have endorse, at least partially, this hypothesis.

The victims have reported several brain abnormalities: ear-ringing, permanent hearing loss, speech and  vision problems, balance trouble, memory loss as well as dizziness and nausea.

Medical testing has now revealed a very specific clue: the victims’ brains reveal changes to the white matter tracts.

Although it is unclear at this point how this anomaly relates to these symptoms, the white-matter changes in the victims’ brain almost certainly rules out acoustic waves as the cause of their illness since such correlation has never been observed.


U.S. officials told the AP that investigators have now determined:

— The most frequently reported sound patients heard was a high-pitched chirp or grating metal. Fewer recalled a low-pitched noise, like a hum.

— Some were asleep and awakened by the sound, even as others sleeping in the same bed or room heard nothing.

— Vibrations sometimes accompanied the sound. Victims told investigators these felt similar to the rapid flutter of air when windows of a car are partially rolled down.

— Those worst off knew right away something was affecting their bodies. Some developed visual symptoms within 24 hours, including trouble focusing on a computer screen.


Late 2016: US embassy staff and at least one Canadian began to notice symptoms

May 2017 : US expels two Cuban diplomats for failing to protect its diplomats

August 2017 : US says 16 employees have been treated but attacks seem to have stopped

Early September 2017: US says attacks are continuing and 19 staff members have now been hurt

29 September 2017: Washington pulls diplomatic staff, warns US citizens not to visit and says 21 embassy employees now injured

December 6 2017: Acoustic weapons rule out by US researchers

Cuba Attack Victims Have Brain Abnormalities

Doctors treating the victims of unexplained health attacks in Cuba have discovered abnormalities in the brain as they’ve searched for clues to how U.S. embassy workers developed such a vast array of symptoms, the Associated Press has learned. (Dec. 6 2017)


Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba — Guardian (Dec 6 2017)


The Cuba Syndrome : Sonic Attacks or Microwave Weapons?

One Year Ago — The Havana Syndrome : Sonic Attacks or Microwave Weapons?

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