On This Day — Bob Marley Assassination Attempt (December 3 1976)

“Some see the incident as an attempt by JLP gunmen to halt the concert, which would feature the “politically progressive” music of Marley and other reggae stars. Others see it as a deep-laid plot to create a progressive, youthful Jamaican martyr to benefit of the PNP. Those holding the latter view note that the four persons shot, three of them including Marley, only suffered minor wounds.”

US Embassy Cable (May 11 1981)

“I cannot prove in a court of law that the CIA is here… strange things are happening in Jamaica that we have not seen before.”

Michael Manley — Leader of the Jamaica PNP

“His voice was an omnipresent cry in our electronic world. His sharp features, majestic looks, and prancing style a vivid etching on the landscape of our minds. Bob Marley was never seen. He was an experience which left an indelible imprint with each encounter. Such a man cannot be erased from the mind. He is part of the collective consciousness of the nation.”

Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga — Funeral eulogy (May 21 1981)

Bob Marley unite two warring factions JLP and PNP at his 1978 One Love Peace Concert

On December 3, 1976, two days before the Smile Jamaica concert, seven men with guns raided Marley’s house at 56 Hope Road around 8.30 pm. Marley’s wife, Rita, was shot in the head. The gunmen shot Marley in the chest and arm. His manager, Don Taylor, was shot in the legs and torso. Astonishingly, there were no fatalities. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The 1976 elections marked the beginning of a period of political violence in Jamaica. A State of Emergency was declared by Michael Manley’s party (the PNP) in June and 500 people, including some prominent members of the JLP, were accused of trying to overthrow the government and were detained, without charges, in the South Camp Prison at the Up-Park Camp military headquarters.

Reggae musician Bob Marley announced plans to hold a concert in an attempt to quell the violence. Politicians from both parties were hoping to capitalize on Marley’s support.

While Marley remained neutral, many viewed him as tacitly supporting Manley and the PNP.

Former CIA agent Philip Agee has revealed that the CIA was using the JLP as its instrument in the campaign against the Michael Manley government.

“I would say that most of the violence was coming from the JLP, and behind them was the CIA in terms of getting weapons in and getting money in.”

In 1977, two reporters uncovered a “destabilization program” against Manley’s PNP government, allegedly organized by the CIA’s Jamaican station chief, Norman Descoteaux.

According to Gary Webb’s book Dark Alliance,

“The campaign included covert shipments of arms to Manley’s opponents, the use of selective violence, bombings, and assassinations, covert financial aid to the conservative Jamaica Labour Party, the fomenting of extensive labor unrest, and bribery.”

One of the CIA agents who would later play a key role in the Contra project, Luis Posada Carriles, a Bay of Pigs invasion and Operation Condor veteran, was spotted in Jamaica near the scene of one of the bombings.

Timothy White, the author of Catch a Fire, claimed that information he received from JLP and PNP officials was well as US law enforcement officials led him to believe that Carl Byah “Mitchell,” a JLP gunman, was contracted by the CIA to organize the Marley shooting and that Lester Coke, aka Jim Brown, led the charge on Hope Road.

Don Taylor, Marley’s manager, claimed that both he and Marley were present at a ghetto court in which the gunmen who shot Marley were tried and executed. According to Taylor, before one of the shooters was killed, he admitted the job was done for the CIA in exchange for cocaine and guns.

Bob Marley died on May 11 1981 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami (now University of Miami Hospital), aged 36. The spread of melanoma to his lungs and brain caused his death. He received a state funeral in Jamaica on May 21 1981. There is not a shred of evidence to the recently reported stories that Marley has been poisoned by a CIA agent.

Bob Marley – Interview About assassination Attempt


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Bob Marley assassination attempt — Wikipedia


On This Day — Bob Marley Assassination Attempt (December 3 1976)

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