Exclusive — MEBO Owner Edwin Bollier : “I Have Never Visited Togo”

“Bollier had more ‘get out of jail free cards’ than a Monopoly game!”

Richard Marquise — Head of the FBI investigation into the Lockerbie bombing

“It turned out that the CIA was ‘fortunately’ in possession of such a MST-13 timer (also known as K1) which had been allegedly brought back to the US by some US Government employees following a visit to Togo in the fall of 1986. (…)

If the CIA wanted to frame Libya, Bollier was the perfect ‘target’ and PT/35(b) — the infamous fragment of a MST-13 timer found at Lockerbie — was the perfect ‘evidence’ to plant. I believe that this is exactly what happened.”

INTEL TODAY — The Fairy Tale of the Togo Timers

“If we were going to libel him [Edwin Bollier] we would have done so, these issues have been considered. The decision not to include him as a co-conspirator is not a recognition that he has nothing to do with the matter. The extent of his involvement is yet to be developed in evidence. It may be he has involvement in what occurred, but unless the Crown is able to adduce evidence that places him in the conspiracy, it is not appropriate to libel him as a co-conspirator.”

 Alan Turnbull QC — Prosecuting Counsel at the Lockerbie Trial

“Of course, I still care about this appalling miscarriage of justice [Lockerbie].  My view is that Bollier was a CIA agent. That is still my view based on my personal experience.”

Paul Harris — Email to Intel Today (November 16 2017)

As a discouragement to the prosecution, Bollier is alleged to have let it be known before the start of the trial that if he were to be charged for the PA 103 bombing he would call some high-ranking and controversial witnesses to appear, for example: former United States President George H. W. Bush, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and Gerrit Pretorius, private secretary to South Africa’s former foreign minister Pik Botha. [Wikipedia]

On Wednesday (November 21 2018), I posted a piece regarding the mysterious story of the MEBO MST-13 timers which appeared in Togo during an attempted Coup in the fall of 1986. The story prompted a disturbing comment from Edwin Bollier, the owner of the MEBO company which produced and delivered these timers to Libya. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Let me first remind you that these timers were critical to the Lockerbie investigation. It is the comparison of one of these two timers with PT/35(b) — a small fragment of a timer circuit board found among the debris of Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie –that provided the evidence pointing towards Libya.

I concluded the story with the following observation.

“People have noticed that MST-13 timers tend to appear wherever Herr Bollier — owner and founder of MEBO — was travelling.

In February 1988, he visited Tripoli and soon after that, a MST-13 timer was caught in Senegal in a suitcase ‘belonging’ to a Libyan agent.

In December 1988, Bollier travelled again to Tripoli and a couple of days later, PAN AM 103 exploded over Lockerbie, allegedly destroyed by a bomb activated by a MST-13 timer.

Here is a scoop. Just prior to the mysterious appearance of the MST-13 timers in Lomé, Herr Bollier had visited Togo… to enjoy a few days of vacation.

If the CIA wanted to frame Libya, Bollier was the perfect ‘target’ and PT/35(b) — the infamous fragment of a MST-13 timer found at Lockerbie — was the perfect ‘evidence’ to plant. I believe that this is exactly what happened.”

Last night, Edwin Bollier posted the following comment:

“I, Edwin Bollier, have never visited TOGO !”

Intel Today immediately replied:

Here is what Herr Bollier said to the Lockerbie investigators:

“Ich war 1985 oder 1986 ferienhalber für eine Woche in Togo. Ein Kollege, FlugKapitän Rune Hjelmland bei der Swissair hatte seine letze flug.”


“I was in Togo in 1985 or 1986 for a week of holiday. A colleague, flight captain Rune Hjelmland at Swissair, had his last flight.”

Memory troubles???

That comment seems to have jogged Bollier’s memory… and prompted a second comment.

“Your assessment is correct and I am convinced I was booked, on December 20, 1988 – without my knowledge – that I, together with Abdelbasset Al Megrahi with the same flight AirMalta 231, traveled to Malta and on 21, Dec from Malta to Zurich.

After that Edwin Bollier could brought to trial in Zeist together with Abdelbasset Al Megrahi; and not the station manager of the Libyan Arab Airway, Mr. Lamin Fhimah Khalifa!

Only an unexpected Swissair direct flight Tripoli to Zurich, on December 20, 1988, has saved me from a nasty politically indexed trap …

As you see me, I see my company MEBO Ltd, and me as an abused “Acteur” to connect between the attack on PanAm 103 Lockerbie and a questionably found MST 13 timer fragment (PT35) a network towards Libya!

This complicated, almost perfect planning process could only be carried out on an international, secret service level!”

Paul Harris on Lockerbie

Paul Anthony Harris was born on July 22 1948 at Bexleyheath in Kent. He died on May 24 2018. Paul Harris has been the co-founder of a pirate radio station, a journalist, a writer and a publisher.

Harris reported not only from the Balkan conflict, but from war zones in Asia and Africa, filing stories from more than 50 countries. He also worked as an analyst on global insurgency and terrorism for Jane’s Intelligence Review. He was awarded the David Blundy Award certificate for work in Croatia and Bosnia at the 1992 British Press Awards.

Harris was also a former MI6 agent. And therefore, not surprisingly, Harris had a keen life-long interest in the Lockerbie Affair.

In a piece published by The Herald on February 1 2001, he wrote:

“The problem with the Lockerbie trial has been that the man who supplied the timer for the bomb which brought down the aircraft was never put on trial. Western intelligence agencies knew of the activities of Edwin Bollier as far back as 1971.

The envelope which should have brought Edwin Bollier’s career to an end — he was then an agent for the Stasi East German intelligence — was handed to MI6 in the summer of 1971.

I know because I handed the envelope containing the evidence to “W”, my MI6 controller, retired Perth Detective Superintendent, in an office in Guild Street, Aberdee”

In an email to Intel Today (November 16 2017), Harris told me that he believed Edwin Bollier had become a CIA agent. Harris was convinced that the CIA connection explains why Bollier’s illegal activities were tolerated, and perhaps encouraged.

Paul Harris had also an opinion regarding the true culprit of the Lockerbie tragedy.

“There is little doubt in my mind that the Libyans did NOT carry out the Lockerbie bombing, but rather that it was carried out by the Palestinian terror group PFLP-GC, based in Damascus, acting upon Iranian instructions in response to the 1988 downing of an Iranian airliner by the USS Vincennes.”


Swiss electronics manufacturer Edwin Bollier admitted on Tuesday to doing business with Lockerbie trial suspect Abdul Bassett Al-Megrahi.

It was a critical moment for prosecutors hoping to link Al-Megrahi and his co-defendant Al-amin Khalifa Fhimah to the bomb on board Pan Am 103, which exploded in 1988.

The owner of a Swiss electronics firm is a critical witness for prosecutors hoping to link two Libyans defendants to the bomb on board Pan Am 103, which exploded in 1988 over Lockerbie in Scotland.

Edwin Bollier, whose Zurich-based company, M-E-B-O, made timing devices for the Libyan secret service, told the Lockerbie trial on Tuesday he knew the devices could be used to detonate bombs.

Bollier’s company is alleged to have supplied the electronic device which triggered the bomb aboard Pan Am flight 103.

Bollier testified that in 1985 some 20 timers were sent as samples by M-E-B-O, to Libya.

The samples were sent in anticipation of a much larger order of several thousand as his company had been doing regular business with the Libyans for years.

That order never materialised.

It is believed that Bollier’s evidence is crucial to the prosecution’s attempts to link the suspects and the bomb.


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Exclusive — MEBO Owner Edwin Bollier : “I Have Never Visited Togo”

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