Intel Today — A Belgian Watergate?

“What do Molenbeek’s failures reveal about the deep dysfunction in the Belgian state? That Molenbeek has been allowed to become a breeding-ground for jihadism says some damning things about formal and informal structures in Belgium, and in particular Brussels.”

“Belgium is a Failed State” – POLITICO 

Two persons, pretending to be plumbers, illegally entered my appartement in Brussels this week. This was no ordinary burglary. They were looking for specific documents. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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In an official document which I have seen, the head of a Belgian administration tells a Brussels government minister: “Do not worry, we will never get caught.”

They were talking about the illegal use of microwave frequencies in the Belgian capital.

There is no doubt in my mind that several individuals working in the Brussels Administration have illegally collaborated with the Intelligence Services of a foreign country to help them gather intelligence on very specific US targets.

Donald Trump has called Brussels a “shit-hole”. Surely, one could be a bit more diplomatic. Nevertheless, if POTUS learned that there was an attempt to assassinate him in Brussels, one could possibly forgive his language.


What’s the Matter With Belgium? — The Atlantic


Intel Today — A Belgian Watergate?

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