Who Killed Pierre Goldman? And Why? (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979)

“In my crib were hidden tracts and arms.”

Pierre Goldman — Dim memories of a Polish Jew Born in France

“Marseille boys members of GAL killed him with Maïone, who also talked about a commandant, former member of the SDECE [French secret service], without revealing me his identity.”

Libération (April 2006)

“Goldman combinait tous les traits de l’homme à abattre : juif, aimant les Noirs, révolutionnaire, taulard, écrivain, et surtout, pire que tout, l’homme qui avait échappé à la peine de mort pour un crime qu’il niait, une accusation terrible dont la justice l’avait acquitté. A sa manière Pierre Goldman avait le visage d’un portrait-robot. Il ressemblait à tout ce que haïssent les imbéciles.”

Serge July — French journalist

Pierre Goldman (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated September 20, 1979)

Who killed Goldman? Of course, I am not talking about the French singer — Jean-Jacques — who is one of the most loved personalities in France. I am talking about his brother Pierre, a French left-wing intellectual who was convicted of several robberies and mysteriously assassinated on September 20 1979. The case has never been solved. By the way, although Jean-Jacques never spoke about his brother, many believe that the song “Puisque tu pars” is about Pierre. I left a couple of messages for JJ Goldman knowing full well that he would not reply. I hope that he will speak about his brother one day, but not too late. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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In 1974, Pierre Goldman was given a life-sentence by the Paris cour d’assises after being convicted of a bloody robbery on 19 December 1969 on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, in which two pharmacists were killed.

Goldman always denied having committed this robbery, although he admitted having conducted three earlier robberies.

Even his family had doubts as to his innocence. However, he swore his innocence to his father on the memory of the dead of Auschwitz, and to his mother on the dead of the Resistance. They believed him.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the other three robberies and given a life sentence for the December 1969 assassination. Most observers believe that he was lucky to escape death penalty.

During the five years he spent in prison, he studied philosophy and Spanish, and wrote a book on his own case, Souvenirs obscurs d’un juif polonais né en France (Obscure Memories of a Polish Jew Born in France), published in 1975.

The impact of the book on some French intellectuals and personalities, including the actress Simone Signoret, the writer Françoise Sagan, Jean-Paul Sartre and Régis Debray, among others, plus many inconsistencies recorded during the investigation led to a second trial, which started on 26 April 1976. He was acquitted and freed in October 1976.

His alibi for the night of the killings in Paris is questionable. But, ironically, the fact that he committed a hold-up the next day plays in his favour according to experts.

On September 20  1979, Pierre Goldman was assassinated at point-blank range in Paris. Eyewitnesses described seeing three Spanish-looking persons.

Pierre Goldman’s funeral was attended by 15,000 people. A few hours after his death, his wife Christiane gave birth to a son, Manuel.

The perpetrators of Pierre Goldman’s murder have never been identified. Journalist Serge July wrote in Liberation that Pierre Goldman was about everything imbeciles dislike. That is a lot of suspects.

The police first suspected the Mafia, however, the murder was vindicated by (according to AFP) an unknown far-right group: Honneur de la police (Honour of the Police).

Various theories persist, the most serious one pointing to Marseilles’ criminal underground, which might have assassinated him on behalf of the GAL [Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación]. GAL was a death squad set up by Spanish officials to fight ETA in the 1980s.

The theory is not without merit. Pierre Goldman was allegedly helping ETA procure weapons, and planned to create an organization to fight the GAL.

Another theory points toward the French intelligence services because of the presence of a SDECE officer at the crime scene as witnessed by former police officer Lucien Aimé-Blanc.

On 22 May 2012, a blog post from “Le Monde” identified the killer of Pierre Goldman as René Resciniti de Says. A former paratrooper for the French Armed Forces, Resciniti de Says was known as René l’élégant and died on 17 April 2012 at the age of 61.

At the time of his death, Pierre Goldman was involved in arms and drug trafficking. Journalists and friends eventually discovered that he had many unusual connections among Intelligence Agencies all over the world.

L’affaire Pierre Goldman résumée en 5 minutes | Archive INA

Jean-Jacques Goldman – Puisque tu pars

Géraldine Gauthier : Une grosse énigme pour beaucoup de monde, c’est la chanson “Ton autre chemin” : Savoir de quoi elle parle et à qui elle est destinée, en fait.

Jean-Jacques Goldman : Bah, ça peut être… Chacun peut la prendre à sa façon. Il y en a certains qui ont pensé que c’était pour des toxicomanes, des choses comme ça. Là, en ce qui me concerne, c’était vraiment une rencontre avec un ami d’enfance qui, visiblement, était sur une autre planète sur le plan psychiatrique et, donc, c’était ça qui m’avait inspiré cette chanson.

Géraldine Gauthier : Vous avez revu cet ami depuis ?

Jean-Jacques Goldman : Non. Non, Non. Non, Non. Non, Non.

“Sans drame, sans larme
Pauvres et dérisoires armes
Parce qu’il est des douleurs qui ne pleurent qu’à l’intérieur
Puisque ta maison
Aujourd’hui c’est l’horizon
Dans ton exil, essaie d’apprendre à revenir
Mais pas trop tard…”

Jean-Jacques Goldman — Puisque tu pars


Pierre Goldman, le frère de l’ombre by Michaël Prazan


Who Killed Pierre Goldman? And Why? (June 22, 1944 – Assassinated: September 20, 1979)

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