Colombia — Police Boss Arrested on 6 Charges Including Criminal Conspiracy

“A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín.”

(Every pig will get his St. Martin)

BOGOTA, Colombia (September 12 2018) — One of Colombia’s most-decorated police officers has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a criminal ring that illegally intercepted the private communications of prominent politicians and business leaders. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Gen. Humberto Guatibonza led an anti-kidnapping police unit and headed Bogota’s police until he retired in 2016. He was arrested Wednesday (September 12 2018) on six charges including criminal conspiracy.

Three other retired officials had already been arrested. Prosecutors maintain that the group sold information obtained from illegally hacking into private communications. Among its clients were major companies and politicians looking to spy on unions or potential rivals.

Discovery of the criminal gang comes nearly a decade after the dismantling of another clandestine spy network comprised of corrupt intelligence officials who spied on journalists, supreme court magistrates and critics of former President Alvaro Uribe.

On July 25 2018, former President Alvaro Uribe resigned his Senate seat to face a bribery and fraud investigation in the Supreme Court. [Uribe’s brother — Santiago — is currently awaiting trial for allegedly running a paramilitary group known as the Twelve Apostles.]

The bizarre part of the story is that Alvaro Uribe blames MI6 for his troubles?!? Maybe, the former president is just making things up. In that case, let us give “Dr Uribe” some Brownie points for creativity as he does not blame the CIA like everyone else from Venezuela to the Philippines.

On the other hand, it is perfectly possible that MI6 have finally turned against him.


Uribe, a mentor of Colombia’s incoming President Ivan Duque, is under investigation by the court over allegations he made false accusations and tampered with witnesses in a case he himself started by making similar accusations against a leftist senator.

Known for a hardline military crackdown on Marxist guerrillas during his 2002-2010 government, Uribe cited on Twitter what he said were claims that recordings in the case were made by MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service.

“There are repeated accusations that the recordings were made by the British agency MI6, friends of Juan Manuel Santos. Foreign authorities in a ruse against me,” Uribe said.

He did not specify exactly which recordings he was referring to or the source of the accusations. But in a statement on Tuesday, the Supreme Court referenced intercepted phone calls between a lawyer and a former official that it said had plotted to undermine the case against Uribe.

A spokeswoman for Britain’s Foreign Office declined to comment on Uribe’s tweet. MI6, which is accountable to British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, did not respond to calls requesting comment. [Reuters]

Alvaro Uribe was previously very close to the British government and their spooks. He was strongly supported in his campaign for the presidency by the British.

In order to stand as a candidate, he had to renounce his position as governor of Antioquia. However, if he renounced, he would immediately lose his close protection bodyguard team, bomb-proof car and so on…

Moreover, he would be at physical risk, so the British offered him a scholarship at St Antony’s College, Oxford University, where he was supposed to study for a couple of years writing his PhD.

St Antony’s is known among some observers as Spook Hall because of its connections to the UK security and intelligence services. On the day he renounced his Governership, he was taken by the British embassy bodyguards in an armed convoy to the airport at Bogotá and sent off to Oxford.

No trace of a PhD can be found on any of the published material from Oxford University. After a couple of years he announced his candidature for the Presidency of Colombia and returned to Colombia.

If the UK spooks have cut him loose, the question is why? His name has appeared on several CIA lists of known drug traffickers but this didn’t concern the Brits. It was also widely believed that he was the power behind many of the paramilitary death squads and that didn’t bother the Brits either.

I suspect that he may have fallen out with the Americans and that would be enough for the UK to dump him or even to gather evidence against him. With the coming of Brexit, it seems likely that the UK will be desperate to do whatever will please the US. The current UK government sees the US as the only friend they might have after Brexit.

Capturan al general (r) Humberto Guatibonza por ‘chuzadas’ ilegales


Colombia police hero arrested in spying ring probe — AP


Colombia  — Police Boss Arrested on 6 Charges Including Criminal Conspiracy

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