Two Years Ago — SNOWDEN : Trailer & “Behind The Scenes”

“After this film, people will perceive security of their e-mails and social networks differently.”

Executive Producer Igor Lopatenok

“I think the NSA almost certainly saw who the intruders were. Why wouldn’t they? But I am also convinced that they saw a lot of other attackers on there, too. There were probably six or seven groups. The Democratic National Committee is a big target and apparently their security wasn’t very good. The DNC refused to provide these servers to the FBI, which is really weird. So, I think the reality here was it was narrative shaping about the Russians.”

Edward Snowden

“For five long years, governments have denied that global mass surveillance violates of your rights. And for five long years, we have chased them through the doors of every court. Today, we won. Don’t thank me: thank all of those who never stopped fighting.”

Edward Snowden — Twitter (September 13 2018)


September 13 2016 — Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone, who brought Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street and JFK to the big screen, tackles the most important and fascinating true story of the 21st century. UPDATE — On Sept. 13 2018, the European court of human rights (ECHR) ruled that the UK GCHQ’s methods in carrying out bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards. It is the first major challenge to the legality of UK intelligence agencies intercepting private communications in bulk, following Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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UPDATE (September 13 2018) — Once upon a time, the Russians relied for many years on a technology unknown to the Americans to spy on the US ambassador in Moscow. The device — known as “The thing” — was the brainchild of an extraordinary genius: Leon Theremin.

I have long suspected that “Microwave Spying” is still a tool on the shelf of the modern spies. In the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations, Der Spiegel published a catalog of surveillance technologies used by the NSA and CIA to eavesdrop on foreign spies and diplomats.

And indeed, these documents show that the U.S. Intelligence is using products — with names like LOUDAUTO and ANGRYNEIGHBOR — against foreign embassies which are generally considered as direct successors of Leon Theremin’s brilliant invention.

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I was the first person to suggest that the mysterious illness in American personnel in Cuba and China had been caused by “microwave attacks”. US scientists investigating the case now believe that this is indeed the case.

I strongly suspect that the primary purpose of these microwave attacks was to gather intelligence using microwave spying technology, not to hurt the US diplomats. The injuries are nevertheless very much real, perhaps caused by the presence of magnetite in the brain which happens to be an excellent microwave absorber at the frequencies used by mobile phones.

If I am right, it would be very interesting to know what frequencies have been used in these attacks. In the 1960s, the Americans had no problem detecting and studying the RF signals beamed at their embassy in Moscow. These frequencies —varying between 2.5–4 gigahertz  — were similar but a bit higher to those currently used for mobile phones.

But today, the detection of “spying frequencies” could be a bit more tricky. If the spies are using a mobile phone frequency — maybe one used for a frequency hopping spectrum — then the signal would not appear immediately suspicious. I believe that many people — unaware of microwave spying technology — could be easily fooled by this simple trick. In Brussels, I am confident that the culprit would get away with this operation as people in charge of controlling the RF spectrum are totally incompetent.

This theory may very well be tested. It would be interesting to ask the diplomats affected by the mysterious illness if they have experienced some troubles with their mobile phones such as low quality communications and interruptions.


Although actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Snowden in the upcoming film, the NSA whistleblower will be making an appearance on the silver screen, executive producer Igor Lopatenok told RIA Novosti.

“Edward will appear in the film; he had one day of shooting in Moscow. We shot mostly in Munich, as well as in Hawaii, Hong Kong, and in Washington, where he could not come.”

The executive producer went on to say that Snowden took part in around ten meetings in Moscow for the Oliver Stone film, and that Gordon-Levitt also met with the whistleblower.

In fact, one particular scene in the movie will show the real-life Snowden in the same frame as the actor portraying him.” [RT]


SNOWDEN reveals the incredible untold personal story of Edward Snowden, the polarizing figure who exposed shocking illegal surveillance activities by the NSA and became one of the most wanted men in the world.


He is considered a hero by some, and a traitor by others. No matter which you believe, the epic story of why he did it, who he left behind, and how he pulled it off makes for one of the most compelling films of the year.

4-Minute Gap

The film is set to be released in Russia on September 15, and in the US one day later, but Russian viewers will be treated to an extra four minutes of the film, which US viewers won’t see.

“…The Russian audience is lucky to see a little more,”Lopatenok said, adding that some scenes were cut from the US version. [RT]


Very controlled subject

“We were shooting in Munich, [BMW] gave us cars, and then we got a call from their representatives who asked us to return the cars because their American shareholders were against the story.

All possible precautions

The producers feared that American special services might try to hack into the computers being used in the film production process.

“We were able to take all the precautions [against hacking], however, we haven’t noticed direct intervention of [US] security services. Either we haven’t seen them, or they worked really great.”

The team learned how to use encrypted messenger applications, non-traceable browsers protected by cloud storage, and even how to cover their cameras.

UPDATE (Sept 13 2017) — In an interview published yesterday by SPIEGEL ONLINE [‘There Is Still Hope – Even for Me’], whistleblower Edward Snowden discusses his life in Russia, the power of the intelligence apparatuses and how he will continue his battle against all-encompassing surveillance by governments.

The entire interview is certainly worth reading. The part on the DNC ‘hack’ caught my attention because it appears that Snowden agrees with INTEL TODAY initial analysis.

DER SPIEGEL: Speaking of political ambitions: Do you have an explanation for the increasing meddling on the part of the intelligence agencies with democratic elections?

Snowden: I think that is something that has always happened. What is noteworthy nowadays is that it is happening much more visibly. We know, for example, from declassified documents that the United States has interfered in elections throughout the last century. Every government that has an intelligence agency is trying to do the same thing. I would in fact be very surprised if the German government were an exception. Probably in a lighter and more polite way. But I think we are sort of tiptoeing around the Russian issue here specifically, aren’t we?

DER SPIEGEL: How did you guess?

Snowden: It wasn’t that difficult. Everybody is currently pointing at the Russians.

DER SPIEGEL: Rightfully?

Snowden: I don’t know. They probably did hack the systems of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party, but we should have proof of that. In the case of the hacking attack on Sony, the FBI presented evidence that North Korea was behind it. In this case they didn’t, although I am convinced that they do have evidence. The question is why?

DER SPIEGEL: Do you have an answer?

Snowden: I think the NSA almost certainly saw who the intruders were. Why wouldn’t they? But I am also convinced that they saw a lot of other attackers on there, too. There were probably six or seven groups. The Democratic National Committee is a big target and apparently their security wasn’t very good. The DNC refused to provide these servers to the FBI, which is really weird. So, I think the reality here was it was narrative shaping about the Russians.

DER SPIEGEL: Is there a way to be absolutely certain who is hacking a system? It seems to be quite easy to manipulate a time stamp, use certain servers and stage a false flag operation.

Snowden: The false flag stuff is true — I know how this works. I dealt with this in China’s case. They used to be the usual suspects, nobody was talking about the Russians at that time. China didn’t really care about covering their tracks that well. They would break the window, grab everything they could and then run off laughing. But even they never attacked directly from China. They would bounce off a server in Italy, Africa or South America. But you can follow the trail back — it’s not magic.


Official Trailer


Big screen whistleblower: Edward Snowden to appear in Oliver Stone film about himself

Игорь Лопатенок: тема Сноудена – очень контролируемая

Edward Snowden’s Long, Strange Journey to Hollywood


SNOWDEN: Trailer & “Behind The Scenes”

One Year Ago — SNOWDEN: Trailer & “Behind The Scenes”

Two Years Ago — SNOWDEN : Trailer & “Behind The Scenes”

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