Havana Syndrome — First Magnetite Map of the Human Brain

“They found magnetite concentrated in the same places in all seven brains—primarily in the cerebellum and brain stem. A striking asymmetry also exists in the distribution of particles between the right and left hemispheres.”

R. Mark Wilson — Physics Today (August 30 2018)

Stuart Gilder and Christoph Schmitz — both at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich — have carried out the first systematic mapping of magnetite nano-particles in the human brain. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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This investigation strongly suggests that magnetite is formed bio-genically. The magnetic nano-crystals are concentrated primarily in the cerebellum and brain stem, among the oldest parts of the organ. So what?

Magnetite is a ferromagnetic material. Through a mechanism known as “Ferromagnetic Resonance”, magnetite crystals are some of the best known absorbers of microwave radiation.

The exact resonance frequencies at which these crystals will absorb microwave radiation will depend on several factors, but the expected range is about one to two GHz.

Once absorbed by the nano-crystal, the energy will be first released through the well  understood  “magneto-acoustic” effect. So, if the RF signal is modulated, the cell will be exposed to the frequencies of the modulation.

Next, the cell will be exposed to heat stress and its protecting membrane will seriously be put to test, quite possibly allowing the leak-in of dangerous elements, causing DNA damage and eventually cancer to the medium.

It is rather obvious that the presence of magnetite in the human brain can explain all the “bizarre allegations” regarding the microwave effects on the human brain. ( And evidence exists of elevated levels of magnetite in brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease patients.)

The frequencies used by the Russians against the US Embassy in Moscow in the  1960s were about 1 and 2 GHz, exactly the top frequencies expected for resonant absorption by magnetite.  And the frequencies used today by Telecom industry are about 1 and 2 GHz. Think about that!

PS/ One of the most talented physicists ever — Sir Fred Hoyle — once reflected on the fact that it would have been quite straightforward for anyone to alter the course of History before WWII considering that all knowledge regarding nuclear fission — and thus the path to the A-bomb — was published and available to anyone in the 1930s. “One page, just one page, and the history of the world would have been different! ” Then, he asked an obvious question: “Today, what should we write on such page?”


Mapping magnetite in the human brain — Physics Today


Havana Syndrome — First Magnetite Map of the Human Brain

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1 Response to Havana Syndrome — First Magnetite Map of the Human Brain

  1. Robert Vaughan says:

    Anyone who wants to learn more about bioelectromagnetics and gain a deeper understanding of the events in Havana should do the following 3 things.

    1) Watch this lecture on youtube, “A Theory of Everything(Else)” , TEDxBrussels, Jacques Vallee

    2) Read one of W.Ross Adey’s(a giant in the field) last and best papers, publicly available as a PDF online, “Electromagnetic Fields, The Modulation of Brain Tissue Functions-A Possible Paradigm Shift in Biology”, International Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 2004

    3) Procure and read a copy of, “Informational Bioelectromagnetics”, by David A. Copson, 1982 Used library copies of this book are available and cheap at amazon.


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