Microwave Weapons — Project PANDORA-BIZARRE – Initial Test Results (December 20 1966)

“The test protocol involved training the monkeys to press certain levers in response to signals. If the monkeys pressed the lever correctly, they would receive a reward of food, ‘much as embassy employees might be rewarded with a dry martini at the end of the day,’ wrote the columnist Jack Anderson. Researchers would then measure whether the monkeys performed worse when subjected to the Moscow Signal, compared with when there was no radiation.”

Sharon Weinberger —  The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency that Changed the World

“There is no question that penetration of the central nervous system has been achieved, either directly or indirectly into that portion of the brain concerned with the changes in the work functions and the effects observed.”

DARPA Deputy Director — Memorandum (December 20 1966)

On September 1 2018, the NYT posted a long article titled:  “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers“. FLASHBACK. In 1965, after the discovery that the American Embassy in Moscow was irradiated with microwave signals, the White House directed the State Department, the CIA and the DOD to attempt to determine the effects of such signals on human behavior. The following report — dated December 20 1966 — documents the initials results of PROJECT PANDORA-BIZARRE. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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SUBJECT: Project PANDORA – Initial Test Results 20 December 1966

Reference: PANDORA-BIZARRE Test Results – Memo dated 15 Dec 66


For more than five years, the American Embassy in Moscow has been radiated with low-level electromagnetic signals (the Moscow Signal) on a more or less daily basis for several hours a day. These signals, in the “S” and “L” band spectrum, have been in part recorded and are of complex modulation with a pattern of variation, some of which seems to be random.

The White House has directed, through USIB, that intensive investigative research be conducted within the State Department, CIA and DOD to attempt to determine what the threat is. The National Program has been coordinated by the State Department, under code name, “TUMS”. ARPA is represented and is conducting research on a selective portion of the overall program concerned with one of the potential threats, that of the effects of low-level electromagnetic radiation on man. This memorandum summarizes the initial test results obtained from this program called PANDORA.


The most important results obtained to date, after 28 days (not continuous) of radiation of a primate at 5 milliwatts/cm2 with a simulated Moscow Signal, have been two repetitive, complete slowdowns and stoppages of the monkey in carrying out his test work functions. The monkey normally works 10 hrs/day, 7 days week. At stoppage, the data strongly
suggests the monkey went into deep sleep. The second breakdown occurred sooner than the first, suggesting that pre-stressing due to the radiation environment had occurred. There is no question that penetration of the central nervous system has been achieved, either directly or indirectly into that portion of the brain concerned with the changes in the work functions and the effects observed.

Events leading to these breakdowns were as follows: On the 12th day of radiation (10 hrs/day), a definite slowdown was recorded in the monkey’s ability to time his work functions. On the 13th day of radiation, the monkey further degraded and finally stopped working. For the next two days of radiation, the monkey’s condition remained unchanged complete stoppage – at which time the radiation was terminated, Three days later (without radiation) the monkey returned to normal operation in his work functions. For five additional days (without radiation) the monkey maintained a normal work pattern. Radiation was turned on after this period and after eight days of radiation slowdown in work functions was again recorded, On the 10th day of radiation, complete stoppage occurred. The stoppage continued for the next three days at which time radiation was terminated. The next two days of recordings, up to 15 December 1966, reveal the monkey had not returned to normal.

At all times when the monkey ceased to respond, the measured deep core temperature dropped 1.2 to 1.5°F from normal with a delay of 30 to 60 minutes. It stayed at this level for the remainder of the 10 hr/ day. This data and direct observations on a TV monitor strongly suggest the monkey was in deep sleep. Detailed results of tests contained in Ref 1.


Only one monkey has, so far, been tested. It cannot be stressed too strongly that, at this time, conclusions as to what may generally be expected cannot be drawn until at least another monkey has been subjected to the same sequence of radiation and normal environments, and has shown similar effects.


A. Repeat test on second monkey which will be instrumented to detect various body changes.

B. Based on these results, a new design of tests will be constructed to determine the gross mechanisms involved in producing the effect observed.


The central nervous system of one monkey has been affected by low-level microwave radiation. If tests on another monkey display similar results then:

1. Attention must be given to initiating a National Program to investigate thoroughly these effects, since only isolated investigations have heretofore been carried on in the U.S. By contrast, the USSR has had an intensive national program in this area for more than 10 years.

2.The U.S. microwave radiation safety standards should be examined and overhauled to take account of the non-thermal damage potential.

3. The potential of exerting a degree of control on human behavior by low-level microwave radiation must be carefully investigated.

Richard S. Cesaro

Deputy Director

Advanced Sensors


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Microwave Weapons — Project PANDORA-BIZARRE – Initial Test Results (December 20 1966)

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1 Response to Microwave Weapons — Project PANDORA-BIZARRE – Initial Test Results (December 20 1966)

  1. Robert Vaughan says:

    I studied neuroscience in college and have been researching bioelectromagnetics for the past 25 years. This evening I saw the Havana event pop up again in a blurb at the bottom of the screen, so I broke out one of my old books to re-read about the Moscow case, which led me to PANDORA-BIZARRE and consequently your site. I’ve had some ideas about the recent events in Havana that I’d like to share.

    Consider first the model of breaking a wine glass with resonant sound. We can crack or break the sides of the glass by transferring energy to the sides by way of a resonance with their thickness, or shatter the whole thing by using the top part of the glass as a resonant cavity. We can even break the stem in two different ways, by way of resonating the width of the stem or its length. Now imagine if this wine glass were made of quartz, a piezoelectric material. Piezoelectrics are transducers, that is they exchange one kind of energy for another, in this case electricity and sound or vice versa. If I vibrate the glass a current(and an associated magnetic field) arises within it and if I induce a current in the glass with an alternating magnetic field it will hum and eventually break. The physics of targeting various sites analgous to the initial illustration are beyond me, but I will say this. Bone is piezoelectric, and the brain resides in a cavity. The sinuses are also potential cavity resonators. My point being there may be no need for argument as to whether the effects observed on the embassy staff are of sonic or electromagnetic origin. They could be either or both. Indeed it is my opinion that the future of this type of weaponry lies in using both, aligned(phase locked, meaning identical waves that interact additively), however “no one” knows how waves of totally different types of energy interact in this fashion. The research has not and is not being done as far as I know. There is more of course, like how the leathery membranes between the brain and skull(dura mater, pia mater etc) can be imagined as “bags” or “balloons” and be subjected to microcavitation(imagine the balloon shrinking and expanding, creating pressure waves of surprising strength towards the center) by way of sonics. Notably, all of this research would begin with spherical models and work its way to the real thing by way of cybernetics(feedback loops to produce a qualitative effect on a complex system). Meaning it would begin with a “probing” signal based on the mathematics of a hollow sphere(piezoelectric or not), and then some kind of receiver like a parabolic mic would return a signal with the information to tune the initial signal to a more resonant waveform and so on and so forth in a loop until a maxima is achieved. This would be like creating initial discomfort and vague bio-effects in the targets narrowing to a more precise effect as time passed. Diplomatic staff are ideal targets for such experimentation because they are essentially enemy non-combatants on hostile ground and this kind of study can be dangerous to the researchers themselves because low frequencies(ALWAYS more biologically active, so anything radio or microwave is inevitably pulsed) are difficult to attenuate or block.

    I hope this adds to the conversation.


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