Acting CIA Inspector General Quits

“CIA is grateful to Acting Inspector General Chris Sharpley for his service to the Agency, including his work to professionalize the Office of Inspector General. After three decades of public service, he has decided to continue his career outside the Agency, and we wish him the best in this new chapter. CIA’s commitment to rigorous, independent oversight is unwavering, and the Office of Inspector General will carry on that important mission through the transition.”
CIA spokesperson
“Christopher Sharpley is not the permanent Inspector General because of brave whistleblowers willing to publicize his office’s problems. In a community clouded by darkness, these whistleblowers provided a light and made a difference. We’re looking forward to the President confirming an independent replacement with integrity. It’s time for someone to right the ship.”
Irvin McCullough — National security analyst for the Government Accountability Project

Christopher Sharpley — Acting CIA Inspector General

The Acting CIA Inspector General is retiring amid allegations against him. Yesterday, I told you that the CIA is trying to hide the biggest scandal in US history since IranGate. Today, the CIA IG retired. Freaky coincidence? Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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The acting inspector general of the CIA has withdrawn his nomination to officially take over the role, according to CNN.

Christopher Sharpley, who has been the agency’s acting IG since 2015, sent an email this week to coworkers saying he would seek other opportunities and retire within 30 days.

Now-retired employees have complained Sharpley punished them for reporting wrongdoing within the IG’s office.

He allegedly interfered in witness interviews to get the names of the whistleblowers, forcing the Department of Justice to throw out evidence and settle a contracting bribery case.

One whistleblower claims to have been put on administrative leave without pay after his name was revealed; another says he was restricted from doing his job.

Sharpley told senators in his confirmation hearing he wasn’t aware of any investigations into the complaints against him.

But CNN reports he was interviewed in the investigation and signed documents relating to the cases.

CIA acting inspector general is stepping down


CIA watchdog withdraws nomination after allegations of retaliation against colleagues — CNN


Acting CIA Inspector General Quits

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