Fake News & Disinformation — Ukraine Condemned for Faking Arkady Babchenko’s Murder

“Reporters Without Borders expresses its sharp indignation on learning of the Ukrainian secret service’s manipulation carried out as part of an information war. It is always very dangerous for states to play with facts and especially on the backs of journalists.”

Christophe Deloire — Head of ‘Reporters Without Borders’

“Next time a journalist is killed in Ukraine (and, unfortunately, it seems certain that there will be a next time), even the least cynical observers, the kinds of people who wept all night over Babchenko’s supposed death, will likely wonder whether they should believe in a tragic death until they’ve inspected the corpse themselves. Conspiracy theories thrive on this kind of corrosive scepticism. Some Ukrainian commentators have been crowing that no one will be able to smear the Ukrainian security services after this brilliant victory. In fact, the Ukrainian authorities have done a magnificent job of smearing themselves.”

Sophie Pinkham — Author of Black Square: Adventures in Post-Soviet Ukraine

“I would have thought it was impossible to come up with a “frame Putin” story more implausible than the Skripals. But Christ, have they managed it with Babchenko fake death!”

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (left) met Arkady Babchenko at the News Conference

May 31 2018 — Ukrainian authorities are being sharply criticised for faking the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev.  This irresponsible stunt has totally undermined Ukraine’s credibility. The hoax is an insult to the memory of all great journalists who were assassinated. By engaging in a disinformation war, the Ukrainian authorities have gravely and irreversibly harmed the credibility of information. How will the public react next time a journalist is reported murdered? Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko, who had been reported assassinated, has appeared reasonably alive at a news conference on May 30 2018.

His assassination was an important story worldwide. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman immediately accused the Kremlin.

“I am confident that the Russian totalitarian machine did not forgive him [Arkady Babchenko] his honesty and principled stance.”

The BBC reported that his wife found him “in a pool of blood” and that he had been shot in the back inside his apartment building (but outside his apartment).

The BBC interviewed several “experts” who all said how it was the Russians who killed him. They said it had all the signs of a “professional hit”.

In an ‘extraordinary’ development, the high-profile critic of the Kremlin appeared live on Ukrainian TV.

SBU Claims Not Credible

The SBU — the Ukrainian secret service — has attempted to justify the hoax. The SBU claims it faked the murder of Babchenko to uncover a real murder plot by the Russian state! That explanation makes no sense at all.

The Media are not amused

Harlem Desir, the OSCE’s representative on the freedom of the media, has accused Ukraine of undermining the credibility of journalists.

“I deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist. It is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public,” Harlem Desir said.

Christophe Deloire, the head of ‘Reporters Without Borders’ has also strongly criticized the hoax.

“Reporters Without Borders expresses its sharp indignation on learning of the Ukrainian secret service’s manipulation carried out as part of an information war. It is always very dangerous for states to play with facts and especially on the backs of journalists,” Deloire said

On May 30 2018, Associated Press posted the following Tweet:

“We’ve deleted a tweet linking to a story about attacks on Russian journalists that referenced the supposed death of Arkady Babchenko. Ukrainian police, who said Tuesday that the reporter was killed in Kiev, now say authorities faked his death to foil a plot to take his life.” (

The ‘Moon of Alabama’ posted the best, no-nonsense, short and simple analysis of this story.

“This will not go down well for Babchenko or the Ukraine. The Ukrainian Prime Minister officially accused Russia of killing the man. But it turns out the the Ukrainian state faked the murder. Babchenko comes back from the dead, proving that the accusations against Russia were false. Just as one false claim is undone the Ukrainian security service says that Russia ordered the failed assassination? Why would anyone now believe a word of what they say?

Russia should be happy. Both affairs, the Skripal and the Babchenko stunt, have been proven to be factless propaganda against Russia.

The German “journalist” union deleted its tweet and an editorial (pic) demanding sanctions against Russia from its website. Tomorrow it will be back attacking those who say that such “journalism” is fake news and propaganda.

More people will wake up to these obvious manipulations. They will ask questions. The usual accusers will have to become more cautious in raising their propaganda claims. Their propaganda “killings” will – in the end – kill their propaganda.”

PS/ The ‘assassination’ of Babchenko was BIG NEWS in Main Stream Western Media. This hoax received far more coverage than the death of the 14 journalists who were killed in 2016 in the Ukraine . (Their names had been put on a public hit list maintained by some Ukrainian Nazi outlet.) How does one explain the difference of coverage? In these post-truth times, hoaxes appear to be more ‘interesting’ than the truth. And that is not funny.

Dead’ Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko is alive  

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Murdered’ Russia journalist is alive – BBC News


Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine blames Russia for journalist murder – BBC

Arkady Babchenko: ‘Murdered’ Russian journalist is alive — BBC

Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine condemned for faking journalist’s murder — BBC


Fake News & Disinformation — Ukraine Condemned for Faking Arkady Babchenko’s Murder

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