IRAN — Professor Ahmadreza Djalali Death Sentence Suspended

“We hope the sentence will be quashed. My client’s file is currently under investigation by a deputy prosecutor and his assistant in charge of enforcing sentences.”

Zeinab Taheri —  Professor Ahmadreza Djalali’s lawyer

Professor Ahmadreza Djalali

January 24 2018 — The death sentence issued against university professor Ahmadreza Djalali in Iran has been suspended pending further investigations by the Iranian Supreme Court. A letter Djalali wrote recently from prison indicates without a doubt that at least one European Intelligence Agency wanted to recruit him to gather information regarding Iranian nuclear scientists. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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Djalali has been found guilty of spying and involvement in the deaths of two Iranian nuclear scientists. His lawyers allege that he confessed under the effect of physical and psychological torture.

The prosecution has claimed that he worked for the Mossad. Professor Djalali denies working for the Israeli intelligence agency and any involvement in spying activities.

Letter to Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani

In a letter from Evin Prison addressing Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani, Professor Djalali said the indictment against him “is full of distortions and misinterpretations.”

[According to Djalali’s wife, Vida Mehran-Nia, the letter was written in mid-January 2018. The letter was forwarded by his wife to the Center for Human Rights in Iran on January 19 2018.]

“During interrogation, I never, under any circumstances, admitted or agreed to cooperate or spy for the Mossad or any other agency and no evidence has been presented to prove such a charge at any stage of the prosecution.

I have always explained with proof and evidence that agents who introduced themselves as members of a security organization… came to me on five or six occasions, threatened the lives of my family members and my children in particular, and requested information and cooperation. My only answer was, no.

The accusations about my role in providing information about martyred nuclear scientists are false and dastardly.

I have rejected them with numerous … documents that have been presented to the court.

The indisputable fact is that Dr. [Masoud] Ali-Mohammadi was martyred on January 12, 2010, at least three months before European agents approached me in the spring of 2010.

This was even mentioned in the TV program based on my montaged statements, which prove that the accusations against me are contradictory lies.

How could I be accused of giving information about someone who was martyred four months earlier?

I have never had any personal, scientific or professional ties with the martyred scientists.

I only had a conversation with these honorable individuals about medical educational matters seven or eight years before their martyrdom.”

The Story of Professor Ahmadreza Djalali

Professor Ahmadreza Djalali was teaching at the European Master in Disaster Medicine [EMDM], a joined master by the “Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale” and the “Vrije Universiteit Brussel” [VUB].

The Belgian media have portrayed him as a ‘visiting’ professor at the VUB. (None reported what course he was teaching there and when. Considering the case, you would think that this would be a good place to start…)

Djalali — about 45-year old — was arrested in April 2016 by the security forces of Iran’s Ministry of Information while en route from Tehran to the city of Karaj and was taken to the Evin Prison.

Djalali was convicted of espionage following a trial led by Abolqasem Salavati — a judge in Iran’s revolutionary court — and sentenced to death on October 21 2017.

According to the Tehran’s prosecutor, Professor Dajlali was guilty of providing information to Israel to help it assassinate several senior nuclear scientists.

Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi told the judiciary’s news agency:

“The person had several meetings with (Israeli intelligence agency) Mossad and provided them with sensitive information about Iran’s military and nuclear sites in return for money and residency in Sweden.”

Between 2010 and 2012, four scientists were killed in a program of assassinations aimed at sabotaging its nuclear energy program.

“The United States has denied Iran’s accusation that it was involved in the scientists’ deaths, while Israel has a policy of not commenting on such allegations.

Dolatabadi said the convicted person gave Mossad information about 30 nuclear and military scientists including Massoud Ali Mohammadi, who was killed by a remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle outside his home in Tehran.

The judiciary said the defendant was also linked to the assassination of nuclear engineer Majid Shahriari, killed in a bomb attack in November 2010.”  [REUTERS]

Ahmad Reza Jalali: Death Sentence Without a Trial


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IRAN — Professor Ahmadreza Djalali Death Sentence Suspended

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