RussiaGate — Jailed FSB Officer: “I Never Met Konstantin Kozlovsky.”

“I haven’t met with Kozlovsky and, therefore, have never cooperated with him.”

Former FSB officer Dmitry Dokuchaev [Crime Russia]

“Interestingly, the first materials on this page were posted back in August of this year. And despite the fact that sensational publications were accompanied by tags # CIB, # FSB, # Dokoutchaev, # Mikhailov # Stoyanov, # hackers, # Kaspersky, the existence of a personal page Kozlovsky in Facebook for some reason became known only in early December [2017].”

Novaya Gazeta

Russian hacker Konstantin Kozlovsky has pleaded guilty to hacking the DNC during the 2016 US Presidential race and now “The Bell” reports that Kozlovsky claims that  Dmitry Dokuchaev — a former Major of the FSB Information Security Center — was his supervisor.  Novaya Gazeta, Crime Russia and others are very skeptical regarding the very suspicious timing of this quite dubious information. I suggest that we take this news with a pinch of salt. There is however a coincidence NOT reported by the media so far. Both Dmitry Dokuchaev and Konstantin Kozlovsky are native of Yekaterinburg. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On December 4 2016, the Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested Ruslan Stoyanov, then the head of Kaspersky Lab’s Computer Incident Investigation Department.

On the same day, they also arrested  three FSB officers: Colonel Sergey Mikhailov, his colleague Major Dmitry Dokuchaev — both senior officers of the 2nd Operational Management of FSB Information Security Center — as well as Georgy Fomchenkov.

The four men are detained on charges of high treason (Art. 275 of the Russian Criminal Code). In the last twelve months, virtually nothing more has been learned about this case.

But, according to The Bell’s source, Konstantin Kozlovsky has confessed that he had access to Hilary Clinton’s e-mails, the e-mail servers of WADA, and a number of defense companies.

“Kozlovsky is currently in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center. He has been charged with stealing money from banks.”  [Crime Russia]

Konstantin Kozlovsky, a Yekaterinburg resident accused of working with the hacker group “Lurk,” reportedly declared in court that he acted “under the command of Russian Federal Security Service agents” when he participated in the hacking of the U.S. Democratic National Committee and stole Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According to the newsletter The Bell, Kozlovsky made this announcement on August 15 [2017], at a hearing to extend his arrest.

(For an earlier report by The Bell translated into English, see this link.)

On December 2 [2017], the case record and an audio recording of Kozlovsky’s statement were published on his Facebook account. The Bell says that two sources have confirmed the authenticity of these records.

On August 14, a letter appeared on Kozlovsky’s Facebook page where he confesses to hacking the DNC on orders from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), which he calls “Ilya.” The letter isn’t addressed to anyone, and it is dated November 1, 2016.

The Bell reports that FSB Major Dmitry Dokuchayev managed Kozlovsky using the pseudonym “Ilya.”

Kozlovsky also names former Kaspersky Lab official Ruslan Stoyanov.

Dokuchayev and Stoyanov have been in pretrial detention since December 2016 on treason charges.

According to the independent TV network Dozhd, they are suspected of leaking intelligence about Russian hackers to the American government.

On December 5 [2017], The Bell reported that former FSB agent Sergey Mikhailov could be charged with treason for supplying intelligence about Russian hackers involved in the DNC cyber-attack to the United States.

Police detained members of the so-called “Lurk” hacker group in mid-2016 on charges of stealing roughly 3 billion rubles ($50.7 million) from banks and commercial organizations using the “Lurk” virus.

Ruslan Stoyanov helped lead Kaspersky Lab’s investigation into the Lurk virus. [Meduza]

Konstantin Kozlovsky

Kozlovsky Timeline

April 28, 2015: FSB accesses Lurk servers with Kaspersky’s help.

May 18, 2016: Kozlovsky arrest.

May 19-25, 2016: DNC emails shared with WikiLeaks likely exfiltrated.

November 1, 2016: Date of Kozlovsky confession.

December 5, 2016: Arrest, for treason, of FSB officers.

August 14, 2017: Kozlovsky posts November 1 confession of hacking DNC on Facebook.

November 28, 2017: Karim Baratov (co-defendant of FSB handlers) plea agreement.

Profile of FSB Major Dmitry Dokuchaev (‘Forb’)

Regarded as an experienced hacker, Dokuchaev also worked at the (2nd department of operative management) FSB ISC (Information Security Center). Dmitry Dokuchaev was thus a colleague of Sergey Mikhailov’s at the FSB.

Major Dmitry Dokuchaev

ARREST — Major Dmitry Dokuchaev was detained in December 2016. (Colonel Sergey Mikhailov was detained at a board meeting — escorted out of the room with a bag thrown over his head.)

LEGAL CHARGE — Major Dmitry Dokuchaev has been charged under Art. 275 of the Criminal Code (High treason).

CRIMES — Being accused of treason, the case is classified. It is not known  exactly what crimes he is suspected of having committed.

LIFE — Dokuchaev is native of Yekaterinburg, where he graduated from one of the technical colleges in 2005. In the IT-community, he gained fame after breaking through  several major sites, including in the US. These events attracted the attention of the FSB ISC.

FSB ISC — Dokuchaev worked as a hacker under the alias “Forb” until Russia’s Federal Security Service threatened to jail him. The FSB had traced Dokuchaev to the card thefts, and threatened to prosecute him unless he agreed to work for the agency According to Russian media ‘Gazeta’, his name fist surfaced in 2012, during an investigation concerning the criminal case of the founder and CEO processing company “Chronopay” Paul Wroblewski.

COINCIDENCES — Paul Wroblewski rented the servers that the FBI has linked to suspicious activities related to the US 2016 Presidential election. Colonel Sergey Mikhailov testified against Wroblewski at his trial. Since that time, Wroblewski has accused Mikhailov to be a spy for some US Intelligence Agencies, including the FBI.

PSEUDONYM — Gazeta learned that Dokuchaev had been writing for  the magazine “Hacker” since 2005, hiding under the pseudonym “Forb”.

USA Charges Russian Spies (FSB agents) as complicit in 2014 Yahoo security breach

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Dokuchaev, 33, a Russian national and resident

Igor Anatolyevich Sushchin, 43, a Russian national and resident

Alexsey Alexseyevich Belan, 29, a Russian national and resident

Karim Baratov, 22, a Canadian and Kazakh national and a resident of Canada


FSB cyber expert arrested for treason says he does not know hacker who attacked US Democrats — CRIME RUSSIA


Former FSB Officer: “I Never Met Konstantin Kozlovsky.”

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