Belgium — Operation GLADIO & the “Crazy Killers Gang”

“It has become clear to me that a series of investigative strategies had not yielded any satisfactory results, that there have been attempts to manipulate the investigation, while the victims and their relatives have made me understand that they have not been sufficiently heard in the past. It is possible that the killings of Walloon Brabant also targeted the state.”

Koen Geens — Belgian justice minister (October 24 2017)

“I understand that questions arise. And society — especially the victims and their families — is entitled to obtain answers. But I find it too easy to establish links with the way the police forces function today.”

Jan Jambon  — Security and Interior Deputy Prime Minister (October 24 2017)

The deathbed confession of a former policeman could end a series of unresolved murder cases which have baffled Belgian police for decades. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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In the 1980s, the “Crazy Brabant Killers” —  as they were known — murdered 28 people (and wounded many more) in a series of robberies. Most of the crimes were committed in the Brabant province near Brussels. These cold-blooded killers were never caught.

The ability of this gang to outwit the Belgian police led — once again — to accusations of collusion and cover-ups.

But this week, Belgian authorities have confirmed that they are following a new line of inquiry after a man came forward to say that his brother, a former police officer, had confessed to being “The Giant”.

“In the beginning I was in denial because I really struggled with it, but today I can say formally that this is my brother,” the unnamed man told broadcaster VTM as he recalled how his brother had confided in him two years ago as he lay dying that he was the tall suspected ringleader of the gang.

The suspect — Christiaan Bonkoffsky — was a member of an Belgian elite police commando unit called the Diana Group.

Minister Jambon esteems the comparison with today’s law enforcement corps to be inappropriate.

“The ‘gendarmerie’ no longer exists since 1999-2000. It was integrated into a unique police force, and the culture which dominates today is quite different from that which prevailed at that time within the gendarmerie.

I see few likenesses with the way police is working today. I hope we shall put all of that behind us at last.”

I have great doubt about that… Most ordinary Belgian people believe that it was wrong to disband the ‘Belgian Gendarmerie’ and blame that decision for much of the current lawlessness prevailing in many areas of Belgium, and particularly in the Brussels area.

Christiaan Bonkoffsky — Third from left

Operation Gladio: NATO’s 1985 Brabant Massacres in Belgian Supermarkets


Deathbed confession may crack case of the ‘Crazy Brabant Killers’ — Guardian


Belgium — Operation GLADIO & the “Crazy Killers Gang”

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