Paris & Brussels Attacks: Belgian suspected terrorist not under surveillance since 2012

“The Paris attacks prompted intense scrutiny of ineffective and convoluted governance in Belgium, where a vast majority of the attackers had ties.”

NYT — December 24 2016

Mohamed Bakkali

Mohamed Bakkali was arrested for questioning during November 2015 in Brussels. Bakkali’s radicalisation was suspected since 2012 by the Police. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Bakkali had rented a flat in Schaerbeek where the El Bakraoui brothers stayed before the Brussels attacks.

According to Belgian newspaper “La Dernière Heure” (DH), from 2012 onwards, he was on the radar of the federal police in Verviers.

The police had warned the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Bakkali’s radicalisation.

Bakkali frequented the Islamic Centre, Markaz Attawhid, in the Liège region.

The newspaper “DH” is reporting that the police had indicated that Bakkali had “particularly worrying contacts.”

The newspaper claims that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office apparently ignored this notification.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office disputes the allegation. “Mohamed Bakkali was never a closed case. This matter is still being investigated.”

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Mohamed Bakkali’s radicalisation indicated by Verviers police in 2012 — Brussels Times

Ninth Person Is Arrested in Belgium Over Paris Attacks — NYT


Paris & Brussels Attacks: Belgian suspected terrorist not under surveillance since 2012

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