Kushner ‘discussed secret line to Moscow’  — CIA Director John McLaughlin on Kushner — Was the Manchester suicide bomber trained by the CIA? — Estonia expels two Russian diplomats

Mr Jared Kushner, along with General Michael Flynn, left, has found his name linked to the Russian investigation

Kushner ‘discussed secret line to Moscow’ — BBC

Donald Trump’s son-in-law attempted to set up secret communications with Moscow a month after Mr Trump’s election, US media say.

Jared Kushner wanted to use Russian facilities to avoid US interception of discussions with Moscow, the Washington Post and New York Times said.

Mr Kushner, a senior White House aide, has not commented.

He is said to be under scrutiny by the FBI as part of its inquiry into Russian interference favouring Mr Trump’s win.

Fmr. CIA Dir. on Kushner Russia news: ‘Is this a prank?’— MSNBC

Former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin joins Lawrence O’Donnell to share the intelligence community’s reaction to reports Jared Kushner discussed a secret communications channel with the Russians. He says if a U.S. intel officer did this, it would be espionage. VIDEO

Was Manchester bomber trained by the CIA? — WND

The Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, accompanied his father and older brothers to Libya at the age of 16 for “jihad” against the secular-leaning government of Moammar Gadhafi during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s grand plan to hand the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood to “end extremism.” The CIA and Pentagon armed and trained various jihadist groups, including the Tripoli Brigade. The actual salaries of the fighters were paid for by the “Gulf States,” which translates into Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Salman, his brothers and their father, Ramadan Abedi, fought in a unit of the Tripoli Brigade that eventually secured Tripoli from the Libyan armed forces. Ramadan Abedi was an experienced military man, having served as an officer in Gadhafi’s internal security service until the 1990s. He returned with his sons to fight in the NATO-supported overthrow of the Libyan government.

In support of the various jihadi brigades such as the one in which the Abedi family served, NATO flew more than 26,000 sorties and operated B-2 bombers from U.S. bases for bombing runs. The cost of military operations by the United States alone was well over $1 billion not including “black budget” funds used by the CIA and DIA. Numerous naval ships from NATO nations were used in the war on Libya. In just one day the United States fired 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles in support of the jihadist groups, costing about $1 million each.

Fighters such as the Abedi family had a lot of support from NATO, including thousands of air strikes by the United Kingdom in the fight to overthrow the Gahdafi government. British SAS were on the ground in eastern Libya prior to the onset of the air campaign and assisted “rebel” ground forces.

Estonia expels two Russian diplomats — Reuters

The Estonian foreign ministry said on Friday it had expelled two Russian diplomats and a local news portal reported they were posted at Moscow’s consulate in the northeastern town of Narva on the Estonian-Russian border.

“This is one more unfriendly and groundless action that will not go unanswered,” TASS agency cited a Russian foreign ministry official as saying in an initial reaction from Moscow.

The Estonian foreign ministry gave no other details. “We can only confirm that two diplomats have been expelled,” said spokesperson Mariann Sudakov.



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