TURKEY: Authorities Block Access to Wikipedia

“After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651, an administrative measure has been taken for this website Wikipedia.org.”

Turkey’s Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK)

Since Saturday morning — 08:00 local time — residents in Turkey are unable to access  Wikipedia. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

Turkey’s Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) said it had implemented the ban on wikipedia.org.

No reason was given for the order to block the popular free encyclopedia. Leading social media appeared to be working normally.

Turkish Law 5651 allows the BTK to ban  access to websites deemed ‘obscene’ or a t’hreat to national security’.

The telecom watchdog is legally required to submit each ban to a court within 24 hours. The court has two days to decide whether the ban should be upheld.

In the past, Turkey has blocked — temporarily — access to popular sites — including Facebook and Twitter —  in the wake of major events such as mass protests or terror attacks. However, in these past cases, the Turkish Authorities government denied blocking access to these sites, and blamed the outages on spikes in usage.

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The ban is possibly linked to last year’s failed coup which President Tayyip Erdogan blamed on the Gulen organization.

However, some media suggest that Turkey has blocked Wikipedia  for refusing to remove articles that suggest that Turkey cooperates with “terror groups”.

Ministry officials are quoted as saying that:

“Wikipedia has started acting as part of the circles who carry out a smear campaign against Turkey in the international arena, rather than being cooperative in fight against terror.”

Wikipedia’s founder  Jimmy Wales reacted to the news on Twitter:

“Access to information is a fundamental human right. Turkish people I will always stand with you to fight for this right.”

Wikipedia appears to have been blocked in Turkey


Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia — Reuters


TURKEY: Authorities Block Access to Wikipedia

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