US — Donald Trump’s chief strategist removed from National Security Council

“Mr Bannon was only given a seat on the NSC to keep an eye on National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.”

White House aide

Donald Trump’s strategic advisor Steve Bannon has been stripped of his position within the National Security Council. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

The appointment of Steve Bannon tot he National Security Council (NSC) had  raised fears that the gathering of US intelligence could become politicised. (Again…)

In a shake-up — published in the Federal Register —  President Trump has removed his political confidant from the National Security Council.

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McMaster — the National Security Advisor — has been given responsibility for setting the agenda for meetings of the NSC or the Homeland Security Council. The role of Homeland Security Adviser — Tom Bossert —  has been downgraded. McMaster has also been authorised to delegate that authority to Mr Bossert.

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Dan Coats — the National intelligence director — and Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford — the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — will again become regular attendees at the principals committee.

Steve Bannon Lays Out Vision For White House During CPAC Talk


Steve Bannon ‘removed from National Security Council’ but remains Donald Trump’s chief strategist — The Independent


Donald Trump’s chief strategist removed from National Security Council

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