All the President’s Women: Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman is now a Trump-Loving Fashion Model… And Geopolitical Commentator

“Trump is a politician who has the backing of forces just as influential as those behind Clinton. The only difference is that they like to keep a low profile, because their vision of the future world order means a revolution in U.S. foreign policy. And after that revolution happens, there will be no room for people like Clinton, who has blood on their hands.”

Former Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman

“Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who was deported from the United States in 2010 after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges, has apparently combined her twin interests in international affairs and modeling into the most topical Instagram account of the year.” TWITTER: @Intel_Today

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On March 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Moscow featured Anna Chapman in her new role as model. In 2014, Chapman launched a line of austere dresses. On 22 March 2016, she announced the creation of her Instagram account on Twitter. She no longer tweets, but she’s back on Instagram with gorgeous pictures of herself and commentaries on current issues of geopolitics. And why not?

“If a Putin-loving reality-TV host can make it to the White House, certainly a Russian former spy and catwalk model with an interest in foreign affairs can become an Instagram star.” [VANITY FAIR]

One thing is certain. This beautiful young lady does not mince words. The captions below two images of Chapman and a white horse read:

Our Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov has been killed. This is a true reason to go to war. But this is exactly what the people behind the assassination want. The militants’ surrender in Aleppo couldn’t have happened without Ankara cutting off its support. As payback it has suffered a series of bloody attacks that have resulted in dozens of Turkish military and civilian deaths.

Now our country too has been attacked. What kind of response does this deserve? A military one! Not against Turkey itself though, but against all the terrorists that thanks to their western advocates have been allowed to freely evacuate to Idlib. These terrorists must be physically destroyed. So that each one of them knows that if he dares to raise his fist against Russia, no western country will be able to protect him!

Most of the western diplomats are currently expressing their condolences to Russia over the death of our ambassador in Turkey. In which case, I would really like to ask them: weren’t you the ones accusing our country of made-up war crimes in Syria?



PS: Does anyone have news regarding Colonel Alexander Poteyev?


Ousted Russian Spy Anna Chapman Is Now a Trump-Loving Instagram Star — VANITY FAIR

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