‘Serious Issues’ between British and German Intelligence Services

“The lack of cooperation has now reached the point where there is virtual radio silence.”

Anonymous source


A reported discord between British and German intelligence services, which began in 2014, allegedly persists and now constitutes the biggest rift between the secret services of the two countries since World War II. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

Relations  between British and German spy chiefs have hit rock bottom because London says its counterparts in Berlin cannot be trusted to keep secrets. [DailyMail]

At a time of escalating Islamic terror threats across Europe, Germany’s spy agency BND is being frozen out by GCHQ and the National Security Agency in the US.

Both London and Washington believe insecure German data servers have contributed to the leaking of tens of thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks.

British intelligence agencies are now accusing their German counterparts of not properly safeguarding classified information that is shared with them by British security services.

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Berlin had accused Britain of participating in American spy operations against Germany.

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On 21 November 2016, Germany’s Federal Court of Justice ruled that a parliamentary  committee was obliged to hear Edward Snowden in person.

At the next inquiry hearing three days after the ruling, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Union bloc and the Social Democrats removed Snowden’s invitation from the agenda of the inquiry and are contesting the Court’s decision.

Why? Because, if Snowden enters Germany, he could ask political asylum and there is no way Germany could refuse it considering how the German people feel about this mass surveillance program. But… The US made it clear that the NSA would no longer collaborate with German spy agencies if Snowden were given asylum. Clear enough?

And yes, there is an election coming. Merkel is seeking a 4th term. So far, she is expected to win easily. But the President of the BND — a close friend of Merkel — has already warned that Russia will hack the 2017 election. Stay tuned!


German spies ‘can’t be trusted’: Relations between the UK and Berlin intelligence chiefs hit after comments by London

German and British spy services in ‘biggest rift’ since World War II, claim sources


‘Serious Issues’ between British and German Intelligence Services

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