Pakistan : Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar Appointed as Director-General of the ISI

“The idea that ISI is a rogue organization is very popular–and even the Pakistanis promote it—but having worked with ISI for the better part of 20 years, I know that ISI is very disciplined and a very able intelligence agency.”

Former CIA Michael Scheuer — (Head of the Bin Laden Unit)


Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar

Pakistan has named a new head of its powerful military Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI). Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar was appointed as Director-General of the ISI, replacing Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar.

Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar

Lt. General Mukhtar had most recently been assigned as corps commander of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, and had previously headed the counterterrorism wing of the ISI in the capital, Islamabad

The Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI)

ISI has long been accused of supporting Islamist terrorists targeting India as well as sheltering the Afghan Taliban and other terrorist  groups.

A New Era?

The appointment of  Lt. General Mukhtar is — almost certainly — a personal choice of General Javed Qamar Bajwa, the newly appointed Chief of Army Staff.

This choice could signal that ISI is about to enter a new era. It is likely that running the Taliban in Afghanistan will no longer be a priority for the Agency and that ISI will focus on internal problems caused by militant groups which is General Mukhtar’s specialty.

Michael Scheuer on ISI

 ISI is like all other intelligence services–like the Australian service or the American service. ISI works for the interest of their country, not to help other countries.

Pakistanis can not leave the area (AfPak) when we (Americans) do. They have to try to stabilize Afghanistan with a favorable Islamic government so they can move their 100,000 troops from their western border to the eastern border with India which—whether we like it or not, they see as a bigger threat.


We (US) have created the mess in South Asia and the Pakistanis have to sort it out. Our (US) problems in Afghanistan are of our own making.

Al Qaeda has grown from just one platform (Afghanistan in 2001) to six platforms now.


Meet The New Chief Of Pakistan’s Powerful ISI Or Military Intel


Pakistan : Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar Appointed as Director-General of the ISI

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