Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! [Chapter V : Blame it on Gaddafi!]

“No one came to me and said ‘Now we can go for the Libyans’, it was never as straightforward as that. The CIA was extremely subtle.”

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie — Scotland’s senior law officer directly responsible for the conduct of the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

“If I thought for one moment that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was guilty as charged in the mass murder of 270 innocent people in the crash of the Pan Am airliner ‘Maid of the Seas’ at Lockerbie on 21 December 1988, I would not have agreed to pen an obituary – let alone an affectionate one. My settled conviction, as a ‘Professor of Lockerbie Studies’ over a 22-year period, is that neither Megrahi nor Libya had any role in the destruction of Pan Am 103. The Libyans were cynically scapegoated…”

Tam Dalyell — Scottish Labour Party politician & Member of the House of Commons from 1962 to 2005

“The Myth surrounding Libya and Megrahi now quietly slides into history. Political Expedience rules over Truth.”

Richard C. Fuisz M.D. — CIA High-Level asset  (Email to Intel Today — December 21 2018)

“So UN Resolution 731 was adopted. Everyone at the Security Council knew it was wrong. Everyone knew that Libya had nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing, and that Libya had once again been made a scapegoat by the United States.”

Francis Boyle — International Law Professor

June 15 2020 — On November 14 1991, the Scotland Lord Advocate (Lord Fraser of Carmyllie ) and the acting United States Attorney General (William Barr) jointly announced that they had obtained warrants for the arrest of two Libyan citizens for their role in the bombing of Pan Am 103. On November 27 1991, the British and United States Governments issued a joint statement calling on the Libyan government to surrender the two men for trial. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

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Chapter V : Blame it on Gaddafi!

On November 14 1991, the United States and Scotland indicted two Libyan citizens for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland. [1]

The indictments were issued against Abdel Basset al Megrahi (39 years old) and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah (35 years old).

The two men were described as officials of Libyan Arab Airlines, as well as members of Libya’s Intelligence Services. [2]

Indictment (November 14 1991) [The second CIA script]

According to the indictment, the bomb was placed aboard a plane in Malta [Air Malta flight KM 180] and was transferred in Frankfurt to Pan Am Flight 103 A to London.

There it was placed aboard Pan Am Flight 103, where it exploded 38 minutes after take-off

Megrahi had come to Malta shortly before the bombing and purchased some clothes, including a ‘SLALOM’ shirt that was put in the suitcase containing the bomb. [3]

The indictment added that a fragment of the timing device — known as PT/35(b) — was found embedded in a piece of the ‘SLALOM’  shirt in the plane’s wreckage. [4]

PT/35(b) had been identified as being part of a Swiss electronic timer — MST-13 — produced for and only delivered to Libya an 1985. [5]

And just in case you still have doubts…

After the US Justice Department had announced the indictment of two ‘Libyan intelligence operatives’ for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, senior State Department spokesman Richard Boucher declared that:

“This was a Libyan government operation from start to finish.

An operation of this magnitude … could only have been undertaken with the approval of senior Libyan officials.” [6]

And for those who had not yet completely forgotten the ‘First CIA SCRIPT’  — The plot involving the PFLP-GC of Ahmed Jibril, hosted by Syria and sponsored by Tehran — President George H. W. Bush solemnly declared:

“A lot of people thought it was the Syrians. The Syrians took a bum rap on this.” [7]

The Metamorphosis of the Evidence

All elements contained in the ‘First CIA Script’ were based on real events recorded during a police operation — code-named  ‘Autumn Leaves’ — that occurred in Germany during October 1988. [8]

However, during the summer of 1989, the spooks were tasked with writing a new scenario that moved the responsibility away from the PFLP-GC & Iran while re-focusing the blame solely on Libya.

Clearly, that task was very tricky, to say the least.

The spooks had to keep most of the ‘initial evidence’ developed to frame Iran and adapt it in the most subtle ways to fit a new culprit: Libya.

Most elements of the ‘Lockerbie indictment’ were re-used from the ‘First CIA Script’ : the infamous brown Samsonite luggage, the Semtex IED hidden in a Toshiba radio, the clothes from Malta (including a Babygro!), and of course Frankfurt airport.

However, the ‘Second CIA Script’ needed a few minimal but significant modifications to re-direct the blame away from the PFLP-GC and towards Libya.

First, they needed to find a Libyan ‘stooge’ who could be fitted-up as the buyer of the clothes in Malta to replace the role played by Abu Talb in the First CIA Script. [9]

And lo and behold, in October 1989, a CIA cable from Malta established out of nowhere a link between Megrahi and Lockerbie. [10]

Please, keep in mind that this cable was written a full year before Megrahi was ‘identified’ as the purchaser of the clothes. [11]

“ABDELBASET ALI MOHMED AL MEGRAHI did on 7 December 1988 in the shop premises known as Mary’s House at Tower Road, Sliema, Malta purchase a quantity of clothing and an umbrella…”  [12 — Indictment]

Next, you want the primary suitcase — still  a brown Samsonite of course! — to begin its journey far from Frankfurt (to safely wipe out the memories of the PFLP-GC in Neuss) and also closer to Libya. What could possibly be a better choice than Malta?

“ABDELBASET ALI MOHMED AL MEGRAHI and AL AMIN KHALIFA FHIMAH did on 21 December 1988 at Luqa Airport, place or cause to be placed on board an aircraft of Air Malta flight KM 180 to Frankfurt am Main Airport, Federal Republic of Germany said suitcase, or a similar suitcase, containing said clothing and umbrella .” [12 — Indictment]

And of course, always for the same reasons,  it is crucial to hide the IED inside a slightly different type of Toshiba radio.

So, instead of a white single speaker model RT-8016 used by Marwan Khreesat to hide the IED that was — allegedly — never recovered, the indictment mentions a black twin-speaker model RT SF 16 sold uniquely to Libya. [13]

” (…) and an improvised explosive device containing high performance plastic explosive concealed within a Toshiba RT SF 16 “Bombeat” radio cassette recorder …” [12 — Indictment]

And yet, in his report (dated February 3 1989) to Detective Chief Superintendent Orr, forensic ‘scientist’ Allen Feraday had written:

“I have compared some fragments of electronic circuit board recovered at Lockerbie (Longtown) and marked as item AG/145 with various radio/cassette tape recorders.  I am completely satisfied that these fragments originate from a Toshiba brand radio stereo cassette recorder types RT-8016 or RT-8026. (…) The set used in the bomb possessed a white plastics case.  Photograph of RT-8016 enclosed. Colour photographs and other details will be available early next week.” [Note 1]

And finally, here comes the coup de grâce!

To bury once and for all the ‘First CIA Script’ and to ensure that gullible journalists will buy the credibility of the new narrative, a different trigger mechanism for the IED is introduced. [14]

Instead of an ‘Ice Cube’ altimeter used by the PFLP-GC, a tiny fragment of a circuit board — known as  PT/35(b) — is presented as evidence that the IED was triggered by an electronic timer solely delivered by a Swiss company to Libya. [15]

“[IED] programmed to be detonated by one of said electronic timers, having tagged or caused such suitcase to be tagged so as to be carried by aircraft from Frankfurt am Main Airport aforesaid via London, Heathrow Airport to New York, John F Kennedy Airport, United States of America.” [12 — Indictment]

That is what makes the Lockerbie Case so extraordinary.

Megrahi was convicted on false evidence that was originally fabricated to prosecute someone else, namely Abu Talb!

All the spooks had to do to was change the tentative identification by Tony Gauci of Abu Talb to Megrahi, pick a different Toshiba radio model, start the journey of the primary suitcase in Malta instead of Frankfurt, and most importantly introduce the small fragment of circuit board, PT/35(b).

Who needs Ian Fleming or John le Carré? [16]

A Scenario Implausible on Its Face

Let me make one thing very clear. For all its errors, the ‘First CIA Script’ was credible, at least on the surface.

But only a six year-old and a complete idiot could possibly believe this indictment.

Noel Koch headed the U.S. Defense Department’s anti-terrorism office from 1981 to 1986.

Koch has ridiculed — and quite rightly so, I must say — the idea that terrorists would gamble on the likelihood that unaccompanied luggage would be successfully transferred twice, first from Malta to Frankfurt, and then from Frankfurt to London. [17]

“I can tell you this much that I know about terrorism: it’s simple,” Koch says.

“You don’t complicate life. Life’s complicated enough as it is. If you’ve got a target you want to get as close as you can to it and you don’t go through a series of permutations that provide opportunities for failure and that provide opportunities for discovery. It doesn’t work that way.”

Of course, an astute reader will also be left wondering why a terrorist would set the timer just a few minutes after take-off instead of a few hours when Pan Am 103 would have exploded over the Atlantic, thus leaving nothing to be investigated?

And if that was not enough, keep in mind that, after being transferred twice, the magic brown Samsonite suitcase is loaded on Pan Am 103 against the fuselage at a very specific location (section 41) which is known to be the weakest part of the 747 airliner. Seriously?

UN Resolution 731

On January 21 1992, after recalling UN Resolutions 286 (1970) and 635 (1989) which condemned acts of terrorism, the UN Security Council [UNSC] adopted Resolution 731.

Although all Main Stream Media reported that the UNSC Resolution 731 requests the extradition of Megrahi and Fhimah, the text does not make such a demand. [18]

As no extradition Treaty exists between either the US or the UK and Libya, it would have been obviously illegal to demand the extradition of these Libyan citizens to either country.

What really happened?

On November 27 1991 the governments of both the USA and the UK issued a joint declaration demanding that Libya surrender for trial those charged with the crime, accept responsibility for the actions of Libyan officials, disclose all it knows of this crime, allow full access to the evidence and pay appropriate compensation.

On January 17 1992 Libya addressed the UK and the USA in two letters, reminding them of the Montreal convention, the general rule of jurisdiction in case of claims to extradite nationals, as well as asking for arbitration according to Article 14/1 of the Montreal Convention.

On January 21 1992 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 731/1992 calling on Libya to cooperate in the implementation of the provisions of that resolution and to commit itself to renounce and condemn terrorism.

Resolution 731 was based on the British and American demands put forward on November 27 1991.

And of course, Resolution 731 did not oblige Libya to extradite the two national suspects.

Therefore, Libya declared, that it had fully cooperated in the case according to international jurisdictions, thus already having fulfilled the demands of Resolution 731.

How did the US & UK manage to avoid a bloc vote?

On January 4 1992, the United States, France and Britain sent their United Nations representatives to explain their position to the United Nations Secretary General, Boutros Ghali. [19]

“The three allies deliberately postponed their campaign against Libya until this month after calculating that changes in the roster of Security Council members effective January 1 (1992) would make the body more sympathetic to their plans.”

Cuba and Yemen, which voted against many of the Gulf War resolutions affecting Iraq, had just left the Council after completing two-year terms, as have the Ivory Coast, Zaire and Romania.

Their places had been taken by Venezuela, Japan, Morocco, Cape Verde and Hungary.

Now that Japan had assumed one of the seats reserved for African and Asian states, the number of Council members belonging to the so-called non-aligned movement has fallen from seven to six.

That meant the non-aligned nations could no longer prevent the adoption of Resolutions 731 by the 15-member Council by voting as a bloc, as  only nine votes are needed to adopt a UN Resolution.

Many researchers — including this author and the SCCRC investigators — have long ago noticed that the official timeline of Lockerbie investigation often makes no sense whatsoever. [20]

The explanation is rather obvious. The timing of this ‘investigation’ was primarily dictated by political (US/UK) and geopolitical considerations.

How did the US buy the UN votes?

International Law professor Francis Boyle has written a book about this affair in which he provides very clear explanations as to how the US bought the key votes. [21]

“Bush senior got the votes. The key vote was China. To get the Chinese vote, Bush senior agreed to have his infamous meeting in New York with Premier Li Ping, the Butcher of Beijing, the official in charge of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.”

After the passage of Resolution 731, US Ambassador Thomas Pickering declared that countries supporting terrorism will no longer be able to hide behind International Law.

Who needs George Orwell?

Iran-Contra & Terry Waite

On November 18 1991, just four days after the Lockerbie indictment, Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland were released by the Islamic Jihad organization.  [22]

Declassified US Intelligence documents reveal that Terry Waite was

“covertly cooperating with the US and Oliver North was his primary point of contact.” [23]

The timing of this event was very suspicious and many observers have argued that their release was part of a deal with Iran to switch the blame for the Lockerbie bombing from Iranian surrogates to Libya. They were certainly not wrong…

And, “That’s all, folks!”

What a fantastic operation! Bush and his CIA must have really savored this extraordinary victory. [24]

The truth about Lockerbie will never be known. The Iran-Contra scandal is buried once and for ever. And, not only the criminals behind this Affair have managed to escape Justice, they are now running three countries.

Finally, Libya is blamed for Pan Am Flight 103, and without a chance of a trial, the UN sanctions would last forever. That was just perfect! [25]

Post Scriptum

Well, the “Porky Pigs” in Langley actually got it wrong. It should have been the end…

But life can be quite unpredictable. On February 11 1990, a person the US Central Intelligence Agency had helped to arrest in 1962, walked as a free man out of a South African prison. [26]

And to make things worse, this ‘troublemaker’ is now running the country.

Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

Chapter V : Blame it on Gaddafi!

I wish to dedicate this story to the memory of Nelson Rolihlahla  (“The troublemaker”) Mandela.

Nelson Mandela visiting Megrahi — aka the ‘Lockerbie bomber’ — in prison. Many thanks to my friend John Ashton who took the picture.

Nelson  Mandela was determined to reveal the truth about Pan Am 103 and the Lion of South Africa was determined to move Heaven and Earth until the US and the UK would accept a Lockerbie trial in a neutral country.

“The same country should not be complainer, prosecutor and judge in this particular matter,” Mandela argued.

In April 1998, Libyan government officials, lawyers and British representatives of the bombing victims – including my friend Dr. Jim Swire – met in Tripoli. [27]

Following their meetings, Libyans authorities confirmed that their government would accept an old plan — devised in 1994 by Pr. Robert Black — whereby the case would be tried in a neutral country, operating under Scottish law.

On January 7 1999, after Tony Blair’s visit to South Africa, President Nelson Mandela launches a diplomatic initiative to bring an end to the impasse over the Lockerbie suspects.

Mandela arranged for a two-man delegation made up of Prince Bandar (the Saudi Ambassador to the United States) and Jakes Gerwell (Mandela’s chief of staff) to meet Colonel Gaddafi.

On March 19 1999, after being granted special permission from the UN, Nelson Mandela flew to Tripoli to speak directly with Colonel Gaddafi.

By the end of their meetings, Mandela announced that the Lockerbie suspects would be surrendered on or before April 6 1999. [28]

And indeed, on April 5 1999, the two Libyan suspects for the Lockerbie Pan Am bombing, Abdelbaset al Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, were taken into Dutch custody after flying from Tripoli to Camp Zeist — an old airbase near The Hague — where they would stand trial in a Scottish court.

As Nelson “The troublemaker” Mandela famously said:

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”


1) Indictment — Lockerbie charges in full as presented on website of BBC: Friday, 29 October, 1999

2) Actually, there is no credible evidence that Megrahi was a Libyan Intelligence Officer, let alone a high-ranking intelligence agent.

See: Lockerbie — Was Megrahi a Libyan Intelligence Officer?

3) The identification of Megrahi by the Maltese shopkeeper and date of purchase will be discussed in Chapter VI. The evidence regarding these ‘facts’ is very dubious, to say the least, and will be tested in the new upcoming appeal which has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

4) The SLALOM shirt will be discussed briefly in Chapter VI. This item will also be the subject of a technical note present in Appendix A.

5) The story PT/35(b) will be extensively reviewed in Chapter VII.

6) US Seeks Means to Justice In Bombing of Flight 103 — Christian Science Monitor


8) Operation ‘Autumn Leaves’  was described in Chapter III

9) Megrahi was the perfect candidate for that role. Indeed, he often traveled to Malta, both for private and professional reasons. Megrahi had a mistress on the island and, as a sanction buster buying aircraft parts on the black market, he often traveled under an alias on a coded passport.

10) See : CIA cable from Malta — SUBJECT: Libyan Activities Leading Up to Pan Am Bombing — Abdalbasit Ali Al-Magrahi

11) Identification — After conducting a four-year review of the case, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) concluded:

“There is no reasonable basis in the trial court’s judgment for its conclusion that the purchase of the items [clothes that were found in the wreckage of the plane] from Mary’s House [in Malta] took place on 7 December 1988.”

Does it matter to the case if Megrahi is NOT the purchaser? To answer this question, the Commission considered whether, leaving aside the evidence as to the date of purchase, there exists an alternative means by which a verdict of guilty could reasonably have been returned, based on the evidence not rejected by the court. [SCCRC 2007 — 21.100]

“Given the importance of the date of purchase to the identification of the applicant as the purchaser, and the importance of that identification to his conviction, it seems to the Commission that this is a matter more appropriately determined by the High Court in the event that it arises at appeal.

It is sufficient to say that in the Commission’s view any finding that a reasonable court could not have inferred that the applicant was the purchaser would render the remaining evidence against him insufficient to convict.”

Thus, the Commission concluded that the verdict in the case is — at least arguably — one which no reasonable court, properly directed, could have returned. [21.101]

On March 11 2020, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission [SCCRC] decided to refer the Lockerbie case back to the High Court of Justiciary for determination.

“Because the court’s specific conclusion that he was the purchaser was integral to the court’s ultimate conclusion that he was guilty of the murders libelled, the Commission believes that, notwithstanding that the remaining chapters of evidence pointed to the involvement of operators of the Libyan state in the execution of the crime, a miscarriage of justice may have occurred because no reasonable trial court, relying on the evidence led at trial, could have held the case against Mr Megrahi was proved beyond reasonable doubt.”

Thirteen years later, the SCCRC reached the same conclusion based on the same analysis of the very same irrefutable facts: date of the purchase and identity of the purchaser.

12)   Indictment — On October 29 1999, the indictment for the forthcoming Lockerbie trial was served upon the two Libyans accused of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. The High Court of Justiciary had ordered that the indictment be served by 30 October. The full text of the indictment can be read on the LockerbieCase blog of Pr. Black, but without the appended list of the names and addresses of the 270 victims and the lists of 1,058 prospective witnesses, 1,489 documentary productions and 550 label productions (ie items of physical evidence).

13) Toshiba radio –Allen Feraday was satisfied that the AG-145 debris ‘found’ in the plate of the luggage container was from a white Toshiba 8016 or 8026. (He changed his mind later on. See Note 1)

At trial however the Air Accident Investigator Claiden testified that the fold in the identification plate which harboured the debris identified as originating from a Toshiba HAD NOT BEEN CAUSED AT THE TIME OF THE EXPLOSION. In other words, this ‘evidence’ had been planted.

14) There is evidence that the CIA had long prepare a similar operation to frame Libya with fabricated evidence.

15) PT/35(b) will be the subject of Chapter VII

16) Ian Fleming — During WWII, Ian Fleming — the father of James Bond — wrote “Operation MINCEMEAT”.

See: On this Day — Remembering Ian Fleming (28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964) : Father of James Bond & Master of Disinformation

17) Noel Koch in ‘Shadow over Lockerbie’ — Chapter 8 — The Malta Connection

18) UNSC Resolution 731

19) NYT) the New York Times published an interesting story:  U.S. and Allies to Seek U.N. Support Against Libya.

20) SCCRC & MEBO —  The SCCRC established that FBI Tom Thurman knew the origin of the MST-13 timers already in June 1990. And yet, a Commission Rogatoire was not submitted to Swiss authorities by the Lord Advocate seeking enquiries to be made at MEBO before late September 1990. Why was nothing done from June 15 1990 to September 19 1990? Not one has ever been able to answer this question. Until now!

21) Francis A. Boyle — Destroying Libya and the World Order: The Three-Decade U.S. Campaign to Terminate the Qaddafi Revolution

22) Islamic Jihad — On December 12 1985. Arrow Air Flight 1285 taking off from Gander, Newfoundland, crashes and burns about half a mile from the runway, killing all 256 passengers and crew on board. An anonymous caller to a French news agency in Beirut claimed that Islamic Jihad destroyed the plane to prove “our ability to strike at the Americans anywhere.” Five years later, the Islamic Jihad organization claimed credit for the Lockerbie — Pan Am 103 — tragedy. See: The 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing : Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad?

23) See: On This Day — Terry Waite Released by Islamic Jihad (November 18 1991) [2019]

24) Bush and his CIA — See: Remembering CIA Director George H. W. Bush (June 12, 1924 – November 30, 2018)

25) Clinton & Mandela — In March of 1998, U.S. President Clinton visited President Mandela in Johannesburg. After discussing a variety of issues, Mandela asked for Clinton’s aides to leave so that he could speak with the American president about Libya and Lockerbie.

Mandela was rather surprised to find how little Clinton knew about this case.For example, President Clinton was not even aware that Libya had committed in writing to a trial under Scottish law as first suggested by Professor Black in 1994, and to the two accused being imprisoned in Scotland if convicted. See: Strategic Moral Diplomacy

26) CIA & Mandela — According to “ex-CIA agent” Donald Rickard, the arrest of Nelson Mandela in 1962 was made possible by a tip-off from the US Central Intelligence Agency.

See: 30 Years Ago — Mandela Is Released From Prison (February 11 1990)

27) See: Chronology: the Lockerbie trial

28) In return, sanctions against would be suspended immediately and lifted within 90 days.

Note 1 — Lockerbie Trial (Pages 3360 & 3361) The full exchange between Allen Feraday and Richard Keen QC goes:

6  We can see already that it’s to Detective Chief
7  Superintendent Orr on 3rd February 1989 from yourself,
8  subject, Lockerbie inquiries.
9            And you say:  “I have compared some fragments
10  of electronic circuit board recovered at Lockerbie
11  (Longtown) and marked as item AG/145 with various
12  radio/cassette tape recorders.  I am completely
13  satisfied that these fragments originate from a Toshiba
14  brand radio stereo cassette recorder types RT-8016 or
15  RT-8026.  These fragments are shattered in a manner
16  consistent with their intimate involvement in a violent
17  explosion, and I therefore conclude that the bomb was
18  concealed in the aforementioned Toshiba type portable
19  radio/cassette player.
20             “The Toshiba RT-8016 and RT-8026 are
21  visually similar and differ only in that the 8026 has a
22  3 band graphics equaliser on its front panel.  Both
23  sets measure 16 and a half inches by 5 and a half
24  inches by 4 inches.  The set used in the bomb possessed
25  a white plastics case.  Photograph of RT-8016 enclosed.
1  Colour photographs and other details will be available
2  early next week.”
3            And is that your signature at the bottom,
4  Mr. Feraday?
5            A    Yes, sir.  And it’s in my handwriting as
6  well, sir.
7            Q    So writing to the senior investigating
8  officer on 3rd February 1989, you are expressing
9  yourself as completely satisfied about the conclusion
10  that the bomb was concealed in the Toshiba RT-8016 or
11  RT-8026, are you not, Mr. Feraday?
12            A    That’s as — unfortunately, as I
13  understood the situation at the time, from Toshibas,
14  yes.
15            Q    I take it that you are not in the habit
16  of being completely satisfied about a forensic matter
17  until you have investigated that matter, Mr. Feraday?
18            A    That’s correct, sir.  Yes.
19            Q    You also say, without qualification of
20  any kind, that the set used in the bomb possessed a
21  white plastics case.
22            A    That’s correct, sir.


Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…! [Chapter V : Blame it on Gaddafi!]

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