INTEL TODAY — Top 10 Stories of 2019

“The truth is replaced by silence, and silence is a lie. But the Russian people have a beautiful proverb: ‘A lie is like a bow. You hide the ends in water but the middle protrudes. You hide the middle, and the ends stick out.’ The disparity between historical reality and the description of history in books and newspapers can lead our youth only to lack of belief, to cynicism, whereas we need belief, but real belief can be based only on the truth.”

Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko — Open Letter (New York Times – February 17 1974)

“They stitch intelligence together that spans 5 decades, but still have pertinence today. Almost all of it is based on open source material, often using recently declassified materials, or foreign sources that are just off the radar of most researchers. It also provides a nice counterbalance to the propaganda the U.S. mainstream media is usually peddling.”

Reddit Intelligence moderator ‘Webdoodle’ about Intel Today


Here are the top 10 stories of 2019! These stories have attracted almost two hundred thousand visitors and reached almost every single country on earth! Like the previous year, most of our readers come from the Five Eyes countries — Australia (7), Canada (3), New Zealand (15), the United Kingdom (2) and the United States (1) — Hong Kong (5), as well as Switzerland (4), Germany (6), Netherlands (11), France (9), Italy (12), Russia (13), Sweden (14 ) and … Belgium (8); surely a reminder that Brussels is a city of spies due to its highest density of spooks anywhere in the world. However, readers from India (10) are now among to top 10.  Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Over the next few weeks, I will review these stories and provide — whenever possible — an update as well as a summary. I will also make it easier for you to retrieve the information and stay update on these topics.

I truly believe there are still quite a “few things” to be learned about these stories. The hard work is beginning to pay off and I expect some breakthroughs in 2020. Stay tuned!

#10 — Spygate & the Steele Dossier

Since day one, I have argued that the infamous Steele Dossier was a piece of garbage and that the FBI must have come very early on to the same conclusion. We now know that I was right on both counts.

US Attorney General William Barr has assigned a senior federal prosecutor to examine the origins of the Russia investigation.

It is already obvious that John Brennan is at the core of this conspiracy, and both James Comey and James Clapper played a significant role.

Brennan has repeatedly said, including in his 2017 congressional testimony, that the C.I.A. did not rely on the Steele dossier when it helped develop the assessment, and the former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has also testified before lawmakers that the same was true for the intelligence agencies more broadly.

We now know that both lied. The Steele Dossier was the only thing that had to justify their investigation, and they knew it was a piece of garbage.

We also know that James Comey lied to the FISA judges to obtain the warrants. These guys may very well go to prison. 72% of Intel Today readers believe that John Brennan will go to prison.

We already know that Durham does not agree with some of the Horowitz report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.

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#9 — The Skripal Affair

No one who has looked into the case in any detail can possibly be satisfied that the account given by the UK Government and The Metropolitan Police is correct.

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The narrative put out by the Metropolitan Police is not simply questionable, it is plain impossible. I believe that this affair is a carefully constructed drama to push Russia in a corner and justify Western foreign policies in various places such as Ukraine, Iran and Syria.

Who really tried to assassinate Sergei Skripal? And why?

Around 1999, Sergei Skripal [a former senior Russian intelligence officer] was recruited by Pablo Miller, head of British intelligence in Tallinn working under the cover of first secretary of the British embassy in Estonia.

Today, Pablo Miller is at the center of three major stories: The Skripals’ poisoning in Salisbury, the Steele dossier against Donald Trump and the very murky Integrity Initiative organization.

It is a bit hard to believe that these are disconnected stories. In the murky world of Intelligence Agencies, there’s no such thing as coincidence.

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#8 — The CIA Debacle in China

Long ago — CIA Whistleblowers — “I, John Reidy, Declare…” — I told you that:

The conclusion is therefore straightforward. Either the CIA had two similar “catastrophic intelligence failures” at about the same time, or else Reidy’s allegations explain why the Chinese CIA assets were caught.

Five intelligence officials have recently confirmed my findings to Foreign Policy Magazine.

According to these — current and former — intelligence officials, the CIA did indeed botch the communication system it used to interact with its sources.

These officers appear to also confirm to link between the debacle in China and a similar disaster in Iran, although the country is not named explicitly.

The real number of CIA assets executed by China during the two-year period is much higher than previously reported, around 30 — perhaps more — rather than a dozen mentioned by the New York Times. All have been executed.

I believe that this story will become the textbook example of a major intelligence disaster that could have been easily avoided if the “system” had listened to a whistleblower.

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#7 — The Assassination of Dag Hammarskjold

A very credible source told INTEL TODAY that Jan Van Risseghem was the Belgian mercenary responsible for the death of Dag Hammarskjold.

On January 12 2019, The Guardian confirms that Belgian mercenary Jan van Risseghem is indeed the person responsible for the death of Dag Hammarskjold and his crew.

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In my opinion, journalists and UN investigators are still missing the importance of one critical aspect of this story: the role of CRYPTO AG.

Indeed, I suggested a decade ago that Crypto AG had been actively working with the British and US Intelligence Agencies.

Specifically, I argued that Crypto AG had rigged the equipment used by diplomats around the world to allow the NSA and GCHQ to decode in real-time their messages. These claims were vindicated by US government documents declassified in 2015.

If you read his Wikipedia page, Boris Hagelin appears to have been a successful but rather ordinary Swiss businessman. But appearances can be deceptive. Boris Hagelin was one of the greatest US spies of the 20th century.

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Sixten Svensson is a retired Swedish journalist and the  brother-in-law of the late Boris Hagelin who founded Crypto AG.

Hagelin betrayed about 130 countries — and several organizations such as the UN and NATO — when he decided to collaborate with the NSA and rig his machines to allow the US spooks to read all diplomatic cables around the world in real-time.

Svensson told Intel Today that all the machines delivered to the UN — including the one used by Hammarskjöld during his fateful visit to Congo — had been rigged at the request of the NSA. All machines delivered to NATO were also compromised.

#6 — Brussels, Den of Spies

Belgium is a den of spies. Brussels has now overtaken Vienna when it comes to the density of so-called intelligence services from outside the EU.

According to domestic intelligence agency State Security (VSSE), the number of operatives is at least as high as during the Cold War, and Brussels is their chessboard.

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Yet, this issue is largely ignored by the media. Don’t worry! Intel Today will keep you informed…

#5 — The CIA Memorial Wall

I have long argued that the CIA was hiding the identity of a female officer recently honoured by a star on the Memorial Wall.

On March 22 2019, the CIA indeed confirmed that 11 stars represent women. And, to the best of my knowledge, only 10 were known to have been “killed in the line of duty.”

On May 20 2019, the Washington Post revealed the name of the mysterious star. And, as I suspected, her story is rather unusual.

The daughter of Egyptian immigrants, Ranya Abdelsayed (04/28/1979) joined the CIA in 2006. On August 28 2013, while serving in Afghanistan, she committed suicide.

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In 1974,  the CIA dedicated the Memorial Wall with 31 stars in 1974 to honor those who had fallen since the Agency’s founding in 1947.

On June 8 2001, the CIA formally commemorated the 78th star on its Memorial Wall, honoring former Agency officer Tucker Gougelmann, who died in Vietnam in the summer of 1976 after 11 months of torture.

Since the attacks of September 11 2001, 55 stars have been added to the Book of Honor and the Memorial Wall.

Currently, there are 133 stars carved into the marble of the CIA Memorial Wall; 93 are unclassified. Who are those men and women? When did they die? Why are they honored by a star?

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#4 — The Douma Conspiracy

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons sent a team of experts to investigate allegations that a chemical attack took place in the Syrian city of Douma on the 7th of April 2018.

The attack in question was widely attributed to the Syrian Army, based on reports by rebel forces that were present in Douma at the time, and this assertion was backed up by the United States, British and French governments.

From the very beginning, I told you that it was abundantly clear that the “Douma chemical attack” was staged and that the OPCW manipulated their reports to support this propaganda.

In an exclusive interview with Intel Today, documentary maker Carla Ortiz, who was near Douma at the time of these events, told me that no such attack occurred.

Intel Today — What is your conclusion regarding the latest allegation of a chemical attack by the Syrian Army in Douma on April 7 2018?

Carla Ortiz — There is not a single person in all of Douma who believes that this attack ever happened. In fact no one here understands why everyone keeps on asking this question. And why everyone keeps going to the hospital to ask the same thing over and over. They know it is a false story!

This was probably the “poorest set-up” in the last 7 years of the war. They [al-Nusra and other Salafist jihadist organizations fighting against the Syrian government forces] have tried to sell us these lies over and over, and this time it had no credibility whatsoever.

On November 24 2019, WikiLeaks published an e-mail, sent by a member of an OPCW fact-finding mission to Syria to his superiors, in which he expresses his gravest concern over intentional bias introduced to a redacted version of the report he co-authored.

The OPCW report states that their conclusion is:

“based on the high levels of various chlorinated organic derivatives detected in environmental samples”.

An internal OPCW email indicates that the chemical weapons watchdog’s leadership doctored the report on the 2018 Douma incident to bring it in line with West-favored claim that it was an attack by the Syrian government.

In truth, we now know they were only present in parts per billion range, as low as 1-2 ppb, which is essentially trace quantities.

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#3 — Havana Syndrome

On October 3 2017, I posted a story titled : “US Spies & the Havana Syndrome“. We can probably agree now that it was an important story.

Firstly, I coined the expression “Havana syndrome”. [Here is the tweet] Secondly, I immediately made a connection between the Havana attacks and the old story of the Microwave Syndrome. Thirdly, I predicted a major cover-up because “the truth about a microwave attack would sent a wave of panic in the Telecom sector.

The expression “Havana syndrome” is now widely used in the media and by the medical community.

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#2 — The KRYPTOS sculpture

On November 3 2020, KRYPTOS will  30 years old. Since its dedication on November 3 1990, there has been much speculation about the meaning of the four encrypted messages it bears.

The sculpture continues to be of interest to crypto-analysts, both amateur and professional, who are attempting to decipher the fourth passage.

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To be honest, I am rather surprised — but certainly flattered — by the success of this series.

Will someone decode K4 before the 30th anniversary? I can promise you this much. There is still some important clues to be learned from Sanborn’s coding sheets!

#1 — Lockerbie

In a recent document (dated December 9 2019) seen by Intel Today, Gerard Sinclair — the Chief Executive of the SCCRC [Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission] — states that he is hopeful that a final decision will be reached before the end of this financial year, which is the end of March 2020.

Intel Today is reasonably confident there that the SCCRC will find that there may have been a miscarriage of justice, for the six reasons specified by their predecessors in 2007 and also on at least some of the further additional grounds advanced since then.

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To mark the 30th Anniversary of the Pan Am 103 tragedy and to warm you up to the upcoming decision of the SCCRC, INTEL TODAY ran a series of articles regarding the key piece of evidence — known as PT/35(b) — linking Lockerbie to Libya.

We are glad to report that most Intel Today readers (91%) believe that the Lockerbie verdict is a spectacular miscarriage of justice.

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I regard the Lockerbie verdict against Megrahi as a ‘Grand Monument to Human Stupidity’.

Indeed, the written opinion of the Lockerbie judges is a remarkable document that claims an ‘honoured place in the history of British miscarriages of justice.’

If the SCCRC recommend a new trial, the infamous Zeist verdict does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving.

And the Truth will be devastating! But, as Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote long ago, real belief can be based only on the Truth.

Stay tuned!


Excerpts From Yevtushenko Statement — NYT (February 18 1974)


INTEL TODAY — Top 10 Stories of 2019

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    Pt35B was made up of American glass cloth 7628 manafacterd by the Hexel CORPORATION OF Texas and the pure tin solder was manufactured in Taiwan for Radio Shack and only sold in Radio Shack in America as the USA has banned the use of lead in products for use in the the country.


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