BELGIUM — Brussels Times Publishes Huawei Propaganda Disguised As Journalism

“By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

 Oscar Wilde

“Democracies succeed or fail based on their journalism.”

Scott Pelley


July 1 2019 — The Brussels Times is Belgium’s leading English-language daily news media. Their website has posted a very suspicious piece of “journalism” regarding the wonderful future of Huawei in Europe. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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On June 28 2019, The Brussels Times publishes a piece titled: “Huawei remains determined and on course to bring 5G to Europe “.

The article reads:

“Global tech giant Huawei remains committed and determined to work with Europe to develop its 5G network, as the new technology has gradually begun its commercial deployment this year. This was emphasised and one of the key messages by its deputy chairman and rotating CEO Ken Hu during the annual Mobile World Congress in Shanghai this week.


Despite its advantageous market position however, the company faces difficult challenges and it suffered a big blow last month when the Trump administration added Huawei to a blacklist which prevents US companies from supplying it without first obtaining a US government license.

Addressing concerns over this, Ken Hu expressed disappointment at this decision, which he believed is “unfair and unjustified” as it is not based on any concrete evidence of malpractice, and emphasised that the company has “taken actions over the past months to ensure that its business is not affected”, and that they have “already found alternative supply solutions, including self-developed solutions or sourcing from non-American partners” for components affected by the US blacklist.”

It is rather obvious that this “article” is not a piece of journalism. Obviously, it is a Press Release [PR] produced by an English-speaking PR company.

The statement is packed with PR clichés and the entire style and structure is absolutely typical of the PR industry. Also, please, note that there is no named journalist.

This type of publication is strictly forbidden by the Deontological Code for the Journalism Profession.

For those who read French, here are the relevant provisions of the Belgian Code:

“Les journalistes ne prêtent pas leur concours à des activités de publicité ou de communication non journalistique.”

“Les rédactions s’assurent que les messages publicitaires sont présentés de façon à éviter la confusion avec l’information journalistique.”

Code de déontologie journalistique (Art. 13)

Obviously, this incident must be investigated. It surely begs some questions.

Why is Huawei using such a technique to convince European leaders? And why has the Brussels Times accepted to engage in such fraudulent journalism?


Huawei remains determined and on course to bring 5G to Europe   — Brussels Times (June 28 2019)

Code de déontologie journalistique — Official website


Belgium — Brussels Times Publishes Huawei Propaganda Disguised As Journalism

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