Exclusive Q&A with Carla Ortiz from Ghouta, Syria [UPDATE — OPCW Investigators Knew Douma Attack Was Staged]

“I can say the following very confidently. Many officials in our Western governments have really no knowledge of the truth! This is what is so scary. Our decision-makers have been deceived either by misinformation or lies provided by their Intelligence Agencies regarding this conflict.”

Carla Ortiz — Interview with Intel Today (May 23 2018)

Carla Ortiz in Douma (Ghouta), Syria — May 2018

May 25 2018 — Carla Ortiz is a Bolivian actress, producer, documentary maker. She is reporting from Douma (Ghouta), Syria. Mrs Ortiz kindly answered a few questions for INTEL TODAY. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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UPDATE (May 25 2019) — A document titled “Engineering Assessment of two cylinders observed at the Douma incident” has been leaked to the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM).

This document reveals that an engineering sub-team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact-finding mission in Douma came to conclusions which differ wildly from the OPCW’s official findings on the Douma incident.

“The dimensions, characteristics and appearance of the cylinders, and the surrounding scene of the incidents, were inconsistent with what would have been expected in the case of either cylinder being delivered from an aircraft.

In each case the alternative hypothesis [The Douma attack was staged.] produced the only plausible explanation for observations at the scene.”

It is now abundantly clear that the OPCW has been fatally compromised, and cannot be relied upon to be impartial. This evidence does not just apply to the Douma report.

Other OPCW reports must be disregarded. Keep this in mind when you read the nonsensical propaganda about the Novichok attack in Salisbury.

In conclusion:

1. The OPCW has been fundamentally corrupted and can not be trusted to be truthful, accurate or objective.

2. This may have been happening for a long time, perhaps years or decades.

3. Until this matter has been independently and objectively investigated, nothing the OPCW says or does can be trusted unless there is reliable external, simultaneous verification. This means that none of the previous alleged CW attacks in Syria can be held to be factual and that the Salisbury report of the OPCW must also be held to be corrupted.

I would like to express my admiration for Carla Ortiz, Robert Fisk and all the brave men and women who pointed out the lies of the main stream media right from day one.

This story also speaks volumes about the BBC and Guardian so-called experts and organizations such Bellingcat and the White Helmets.


In this interview, Carla Ortiz gives the boot to the narrative of the Main Stream Media regarding the conflict in Syria.

She speaks about the happiness of the liberated people in Ghouta, the true role of the White Helmets and the allegations of chemical attacks by the Syrian regime. She ends with an urgent message for all of us.

Intel Today — Where are you now? Is it safe? What is the general mood around you?

Carla Ortiz — I am in Douma, Syria. [Intel Today — Douma is a major city of the region known as Ghouta. Douma is located about 10 km (6 mi) northeast of the centre of Damascus.]

It has been a very overwhelming trip my team and  myself. We have visited six cities in the Ghouta area. It is almost impossible to explain the happiness and emotions that Syrian people feel after 7 years of war.  Children are extremely happy and exited to be back in school. [Most schools have been shut down for the last four years.]

Ordinary citizens can now buy bread at regular prices, or even get water without having to pump it from the ground. (During the war, they had to pay for the water they pumped.)

Women and children keep on repeating: “Thank God, it is all over!” It is amazing! People are supper happy! No words to describe these scenes!

Intel Today –Have you met other westerners/journalists? Robert Fisk?

Carla Ortiz — When I arrived in Syria, most of them were already gone. But I know the work many of them have done through the war and the incredible contributions they have provided.

Intel Today — What is your conclusion regarding the latest allegation of a chemical attack by the Syrian Army in Douma on April 7 2018?

Carla Ortiz — There is not a single person in all of Douma who believes that this attack ever happened. In fact no one here understands why everyone keeps on asking this question. And why everyone keeps going to the hospital to ask the same thing over and over. They know it is a false story!

This was probably the “poorest set-up” in the last 7 years of the war. They [al-Nusra and other Salafist jihadist organizations fighting against the Syrian government forces] have tried to sell us these lies over and over, and this time it had no credibility whatsoever.

I believe that ordinary citizens around the world are finally waking up to the lies of the war in Syria. But above all, Syrians are done with this war.

Intel Today — Did you meet any of the OPCW investigation team members?

Carla Ortiz — I have privately — and unofficially — spoke with one of them. [Their situation is rather odd.] Although myself and other journalists have had access to all sites in Syria, they did not received permission (from their side) to access all the sites in order to gather all the information.

Intel Today — Who are the ‘White Helmets’? What are the Ghouta people saying about them?

Carla Ortiz — OMG! Again this is like a bad joke. They don’t know them. The ‘White Helmets’ are only known in the areas where they lived.

For instance, in Zamalka, they had a training center as well as a compound used only for the families of Al-Nusra. They transformed two schools into a prison in front of this compound . They closed all the neighborhood — about 10 or  15 blocks — where residents of Al Nusra and the White Helmets lived.

Outside these 10-15 blocks, no one would know them. Ordinary civilians in the cities were confused when I asked them who these people are. And whoever know them say they are no different from the insurgent armed groups. They can not differentiate between them.

Intel Today — Do you know Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett Do you trust their work and their investigation?

Carla Ortiz — Of course, I know who they are. They have been working here and their findings come from real sources. I think Vanessa’s work on the White Helmets has contributed greatly on what we know today about them.

Intel Today — The US government just announced the ‘freezing’ of the White Helmets funds. Do you understand why?

Carla Ortiz — Absolutely. I had several meetings with Congressmen recently in Washington DC.

I can say the following very confidently. Many officials in our Western governments have really no knowledge of the truth!

This is what is so scary. Our decision-makers have been deceived either by misinformation or lies provided by their Intelligence Agencies regarding this conflict.

Thank God, there are still honorable people in politics who try to do the right thing. I strongly believe that some of them have now realized that this last alleged chemical attack was yet another poorly executed False Flag operation.

The White Helmets appear to have damaged their dubious reputation beyond repair.

Intel Today — UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said that she is willing to step in to help the White Helmets. Do you have a message to the readers from the UK?

Carla Ortiz — This particular decision — I believe — is an act of despair. The UK has invested heavily in this war and in too many ways.

I was just there [in the UK] a few moths ago and I can tell you that it is the one place where citizens, members of NGOs, and politicians really want to do something to help but they are very confused because the truth has been badly manipulated.

The British have seen directly the effect of the 7 year war in Syria  — and the resulting refugee crisis — on their economy and their society. But they don’t know what to do.

You know, there is a very famous Spanish song that says: “Lie to me, as always please lie to me! I need to believe you. Please I beg you, lie to me.”

Sometimes, to keep our conscience at peace, we prefer to believe lies than to face the truth. Because when you know the truth, YOU HAVE TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Intel Today — Anything else you wish to tell the readers?

Carla Ortiz — To all of us that understand the gift of life, please let us take action!

Let us all call our representatives to end the intervention in Syria so that we can help end the war and finally allow the Syrian people to rebuild their lives.

“This one thing is in our hands!

UPDATE (March 2 2019) — The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) claims that data gave “reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place” in Douma (Ghouta), Syria, on April 7 2018.

“The watchdog also said it found no evidence of the use of nerve agents in Douma, as some initial reports suggested, nor any evidence to support the government’s claim that a local facility was being used by rebel fighters to produce chemical weapons.”

“The OPCW’s conclusions were based on environmental samples, witness interviews and other data gathered by members of a fact-finding mission that visited a number of sites in Douma two weeks after the attack.” (BBC News)

The information reported is rather bizarre and certainly disagrees with the facts witnessed by Carla Ortiz who was in Douma at the time.

“OPCW inspectors did not received permission (from their side) to access all the sites in order to gather all the information,” Carla Ortiz told me last year an exclusive interview.

Please, I encourage you to read this interview and decide for yourself who is telling the truth…


Carla Ortiz – Home | Facebook


Syria war: Chlorine likely used in Douma attack – OPCW — BBC News


Exclusive Q&A with Carla Ortiz from Ghouta, Syria [UPDATE — OPCW : Chlorine likely used in Douma attack]

Exclusive Q&A with Carla Ortiz from Ghouta, Syria [UPDATE — OPCW Investigators Knew Douma Attack Was Staged]

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