Lockerbie — When the Media Miss the Real Story — [UPDATE : Dr Jim Swire : “Lockerbie Has No Stasi Link”]

“Following the arrest of Dalkamoni and others […], it is possible to conclude that at least the core of the cell structure has been removed. It is not possible to say that all persons involved in the terrorist activities had been arrested.”

Germany — BKA Report (October 1988)

“How much of a coincidence is it that there are two investigations related to Lockerbie going on in Germany at the same time? I would say it is no coincidence and that the police enquiry with the ex-Stasi people is a spoiler to distract from the SCCRC investigation. it is also no coincidence that the Telegraph, the Mail and the Guardian are all reporting on the ex-Stasi investigation, while totally ignoring the SCCRC enquiry.”

Anonymous — Email to Intel Today (March 21 2019)

March 25 2019 — Last week various media reported that Scotland’s solicitor general, Alison Di Rollo QC, had approached  several state prosecutors across eastern Germany asking for “legal assistance” in order to question former Stasi officers about their knowledge of the Lockerbie Affair. However, not a single newspaper reported a less sensational but, in my opinion, far more important development in this thirty years old saga. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY


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UPDATE (March 28 2019) — Dr Jim Swire has been campaigning for justice for the victims of the Lockerbie tragedy, in which his daughter died.

An article by Dr Jim Swire  — Lockerbie has no Stasi link: we need a proper inquiry — was published in yesterday’s edition of The Times. It reads as follows:

Since December 1988 when my beloved daughter, Flora, was murdered at Lockerbie I have searched diligently for the truth as to why the warnings that Pan Am was to be attacked had not been heeded.

A detailed warning from West Germany in October 1988 told our government that improvised bombs had been recovered near Frankfurt which, though stable on the ground, if put anywhere aboard a plane would automatically sense take-off and explode 35 to 40 minutes later.

My daughter’s doomed flight flew for 38 minutes before exploding over Lockerbie. None of the families knew of the warnings received beforehand. Yet the US’s Moscow embassy had given permission to staff to abandon Pan Am 103. The 747 was only two-thirds full that night.

Margaret Thatcher forbade an inquiry and no subsequent prime minister has allowed one, often on the basis that “there is an ongoing criminal investigation” now alleged to involve the Stasi. At the trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands that convicted Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi a piece of timer circuit board was produced by Scottish police as evidence. It seemed to implicate a Swiss maker of digital timers. These had been supplied not only to Libya but to the Stasi. Since 2012 we have known that whatever its origin, the metallurgy on that fragment cannot be matched to that in use in Switzerland. This link between the Stasi and Lockerbie does not exist.

Before he died, a key leader of the Scottish police investigation told the world that “he would like to wring the neck of anyone who disagrees with the police findings”.

We have met many important people who tried to help. Nelson Mandela warned us that “no one country should be complainant prosecutor and judge”. Douglas Hurd, the Tory home and foreign secretary, referred to us in cabinet as responsible people who should be kept informed. Cecil Parkinson, the transport secretary, protected me from acquiring a criminal record when I demonstrated post hoc that Heathrow’s security had still not improved, by attempting to board an aircraft with a fake bomb, and Robin Cook, the Labour foreign secretary, talked to the families and seemed to favour an inquiry.

What have we done to deserve this extra burden of unknowing, piled upon that terrible bereavement?

Like Dr Jim Swire, I am convinced that the Swiss MST-13 timers — either given to Libya or supplied to the Stasi — did not play a role in the Lockerbie tragedy.

As I have explained in a long series of articles (see related posts listed above), I believe that the PT/35(b) evidence was fabricated to blame Libya.

On March 23 2019, former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney tweeted:

“Libya didn’t do it; but, I bet the CIA can tell you who did do it: Lockerbie.”

McKinney is entirely correct, and I would add that this bet is a very safe one…


According to a report in the German tabloid Bild, as many as 15 former Stasi officers were approached for concrete questioning.

I have no reason to doubt the story and I have already offered you my views on this subject.

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However I will argue that a far bigger story was lost on journalists and bloggers. Allow me to explain.

On March 13 2019, an application by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission in relation to the Lockerbie case was heard by three judges of the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh.

The SCCRC sought and was granted a European Investigation Order addressed to the Federal Republic of Germany.

[Important comment — As explained by Professor Black, and now admitted by the media, the investigation currently being conducted by Scottish police and prosecutors into possible involvement by the East German Stasi in the Lockerbie bombing is quite separate from the investigation by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission into whether Abdelbaset Megrahi’s conviction might have amounted to a miscarriage of justice.]

What does the Court Order actually do?

Professor Black has kindly explained to INTEL TODAY what the Court order actually does.

“First, it grants a European Investigation Order requesting the German Federal Authorities to investigate something — we don’t know what, except that it relates to a person that is, or may, be connected to the destruction of Pan Am 103.

How the investigation is carried out in Germany is a matter for the German authorities.

Secondly, it makes an order under the Contempt of Court Act 1981 prohibiting publication of the identity and address of the person in question as well as any details of what is to be investigated.

The only basis on which such an order can properly be made is that publication might prejudice future criminal proceedings.”

What is the SCCRC actually telling us?

The SCCRC is not trying to interview, and protect, a witness. The SCCRC considers that this person could possibly be the subject of future criminal proceedings in Scotland.

Thus, the SCCRC seems to be saying that the person in question might have been involved in the destruction of Pan Am 103, and therefore, could possibly in the future be charged and tried for this crime.

What evidence is the SCCRC seeking in Germany?

The only German connections to Lockerbie that spring readily to mind are

(a) Operation Autumn Leaves in Neuss;

(b) the alleged movement of the bomb suitcase through Frankfurt Airport; and

(c) Edwin Bollier’s supply of MEBO timers to the East German Stasi.

Because the court order refers to a specific person and his involvement with the Pan Am 103 case (and to possible criminal proceedings), Operation Autumn Leaves is the most likely subject of this investigation.

How does this help Megrahi?

This information would help Megrahi if the investigation in Germany supports, for example, the thesis that the bomb trigger was a barometric pressure device and the bomb therefore could not have been interlined from Malta.

The Heathrow ingestion thesis as advanced by many experts is an important plank in the Megrahi family’s current SCCRC application.

Perhaps, in the light of this new developement, the readers will enjoy reading a bit more about Operation Autumn Leaves.

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At the end of December 2018, Saha Khreesat, 43, stated that her father Marwan Khreesat had told relatives that the plot to down Pam Am 103 with explosives stored in a stowed suitcase was actually organised by Ahmed Jibril, the leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), of which Marwan was a member, on the orders of the Iranian Regime. Coincidence?


Scottish prosecutors interview former East German Stasi agents in connection with Lockerbie — The Telegraph


Lockerbie — When the Media Miss the Real Story

Lockerbie — When the Media Miss the Real Story — [UPDATE : Dr Jim Swire : “Lockerbie Has No Stasi Link”]

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