One Year Ago — Fake News in Academia : How to Discredit a Major Discovery [Havana Syndrome]

“I see no basis for such statements. They followed standard operating procedures. So, if the basic NTP methodology is flawed you have to throw out all the NTP studies. The controls are handled the same way as the exposed. This sounds like some conspiracy theory.”

 Ron Melnick —  Former NTP study Director

“It is disconcerting that a few scientists are trying to dismiss this study which is considered the strongest toxicology study ever conducted on cell phone radiation and cancer.”

Joel Moskowitz — University of California School of Public Health in Berkeley

“I have read all the reviews and never found a hint that the slides were read unblinded.”

Michael Kundi — Head of the Vienna University’s Institute of Environmental Health.

Maria Feychting

January 2 2018 — Last year, the National Toxicology Program announced that cell phone radiation increased the incidence of tumours in the brain and heart of male rats. Now, Maria Feychting — a professor at the Karolinska Institute and the vice chair of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) — is casting doubt on the landmark $25 million NTP RF animal study in a talk presented at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the institute that awards the Nobel prizes. Shame on her. She is simply lying! Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_Today

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UPDATE (January 2 2019)  — Microwave News has published a magnificent piece: How NTP Controlled Coverage of Cell Phone Cancer Story.

The press coverage of the final National Toxicology Program report regarding the link between cell phone and cancer has always been lousy. But this week, it became surreal.

Most of the major media — The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, ABC News, CBS News, Bloomberg, Associated Press and Science — were all absent when the NPT announced on October 31 2018 that they believe the cancer link is very real.

There was one exception among major media outlets: The New York Times. In a piece that would make Goebbels proud, William Broad dismisses the NPT $30 million project as a waste of time and money.

I promise you a serious analysis of this piece. For now, let me point out that even the headline —Study of Cellphone Risks Finds ‘Some Evidence’ of Link to Cancer, at Least in Male Rats — is misleading.

The NPT did not find “some evidence” linking cellphone to cancer. The NPT has found and reported “clear evidence.”

Even the sub-title — “Many caveats apply, and the results involve radio frequencies long out of routine use.” — is factually incorrect. The NPT experiment tested both the 2G and 3G modulations and both technologies are still widely used. In Brussels, as well as in many other European cities, the power radiated in these bands exceeds the 4G.

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As soon as the US media reported the mysterious illness affecting the US diplomats in Cuba, I suggested than a microwave weapon — and not sonic attacks — may be the cause of the “Havana syndrome”.

To the best of my knowledge, I may have been the first person to suggest that the noise “heard” by the victims could have been in fact an illusion caused by the exposure of the acoustic nerve to microwave — GSM like — radiations.

On October 2 2017, I wrote:

“Quick Analysis — If the facts are confirmed and if the effects are indeed caused by a physical device, I find the microwave explanation far more likely than a sonic attack; for many reasons.

If this is indeed the case, I expect to hear nothing further in the future because the truth would sent a wave of panic in the Telecom sector.”

Almost a year later, on September 1 2018, the NYT published a long article titled:  “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers.

Obviously, there is a good chance that I was right about the microwave attacks. I am afraid that my second prediction may also be correct. Has the official cover-up begun? I think so.


The National Toxicology Program (NTP) will release the “complete results” of its $25 million project on cell phone cancer risks in the near future.

According to a statement posted on its Web site in August 2017:

“The complete results from all the rats and mice studies will be available for peer review and public comment by early 2018.”

The animals were exposed to GSM (2G) and CDMA (3G) radiation for two years before they were sacrificed and evaluated for signs of cancer.

The NTP investigators have concluded that cell phone radiation increased the incidence of tumours in the brain and heart of male rats, even at power density below the recommendations of ICNIRP.

Fake News in Academia

Professor Feychting’s argument is rather simple. She alleges that the pathology analyses were not properly blinded.

The pathologists were aware which samples had come from the exposed animals and which were from the controls.

The diagnoses were therefore subject to bias and could not be trusted. The net result would be that the higher tumour rates reported by the NTP had, as the rumour put it, “no value.”

Fortunately, the editor of “Microwave News” decided to check out the rumour.

The evidence, I was told, is buried in Appendix C of the NTP’s report of its “partial findings,” issued in May 2016 (pp.21-22):

All PWG [Pathology Working Group] reviews were conducted blinded with respect to treatment group and only identified the test article as “test agent A” or “test agent B.”

Feychting and others appear to have assumed that “A” and “B” were code for the exposed and controls rats.

They were wrong.

“The PWGs were carried out on slides that were blinded as to exposure group or control,” John Bucher, the study director and the associate director of the NTP wrote in an e-mail when asked about the Feychting rumour by Microwave News.

He also confirmed that agents “A” & “B” referred to the different RF modulations.

Shame on Professor Maria Feychting. She is simply lying!

Please read the full investigation by MicroWave News.


The Anatomy of a Rumor — MicroWave NEWS


Fake News in Academia — How to Discredit a Major Discovery

One Year Ago — Fake News in Academia : How to Discredit a Major Discovery [Havana Syndrome]

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