One Year Ago — Belgian Policeman Arrested for Complicity in Brussels Attacks

“Over the past year, according to police documents, the police have been piecing together Mr. [Yassine] Atar’s role in the network. He is a cousin of the brothers Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui, who on March 22, 2016, carried out the Brussels attacks by setting off suicide bombs at an airport and in a subway station. (…) The Belgian authorities suspect that a brother of Mr. Atar, Oussama Atar, was a leader of the Brussels network. Oussama Atar remains at large.”

June 2 2017)

“With the usual reservations, it seems to indicate that Oussama Atar is dead and, importantly, that the judicial investigation continues. It is essential to continue to try to shed light on this dark affair.”

Georges Dallemagne — Belgian Federal representative (February 28 2018)

“If not for the request by different organizations … Oussama Atar would still be in Iraqi prison.”

Jawad Al-Hindawi — Iraqi Ambassador to Belgium

Yassine Atar, brother of Oussama Atar, one of the main suspects in the March 22 2016 terror attacks in Brussels

September 22 2017 — A Belgian policeman from Brussels was arrested on Monday (September 18 2017) for violating professional secrecy and passive corruption. The policeman had been in contact with Yassine Atar, brother of Oussama Atar, one of the main suspects in the March 22 2016  terror attacks in Brussels. The readers of INTEL TODAY will not be surprised a bit… Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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Indeed, the story does not surprise me a bit. I expected that much and I still expect much worse if the authorities are willing to dig a bit deeper… The name of the Policeman is not known so far but it is likely to be (more or less) Mohamed el S., most likely a person of Moroccan origin.

What is actually surprising is the fact that the Belgian media NOW report that Ousama Atar is indeed the person ‘intellectually’ responsible for the Paris and Brussels attacks. Until now, I have been one of the very rare people to say so.

Obviously, the Belgian government and some Belgian politicians have a lot of explaining to do. Why was he freed from a Iraqi jail under pressure from Belgian politicians? Why was he allowed to meet the Brussels bombers when they were in jailed in Belgium? Why was he given a passport when the condition for his release was that he would never be allowed to travel again? Many questions. ZERO answers. You could of course very safely speculate about some reasonable answers…

Who is this policeman and what did he do?

The policeman, a former employee of the STIB public transport company, worked in the dispatching section of the police’s North zone – Schaerbeek, Evere and Saint-Josse.

He had been under investigation by the P. Committee for weeks, Dernière Heure and Het Laatste Nieuws newspapers reported.

“According to the VRT, the policeman had been in contact via WhatsApp with Yassine Atar, whose brother, Oussama, is suspected of masterminding the 22nd of March attacks.

The Atar brothers are also cousins of the El Bakraoui brothers, who conducted the suicide attacks in Zaventem and Maelbeek.

The contact with Atar reportedly started before the attacks.

However, the content of the conversations remains unknown.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor has not made any comment on the matter.”  [Maria Novak — The Brussels Times ]

About Yassine Atar

Yassine Atar is suspected of being the group’s “communications chief”, the one who acquired the SIM cards used by the Parisian commandos

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Two prepaid SIM cards were bought in the same Brussels store on the 13th of November 2015.

They were activated near Yassine Atar’s house. The two phones equipped with these cards were used to contact the accomplices in Paris.

The first handset was found in a bin by the Bataclan. The second was used by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the head of the Parisian commandos.

Yassine Atar is also thought to be linked to the two phones used in Brussels soon after the Paris attack.

They were used to contact Abaaoud and his cousin. The two devices were detected near the Porte de Hal in Saint-Gilles — Brussels — while Yassine Atar was near there.

About Ousama Atar

His brother Oussama, who remains at large, is suspected of coordinating both Paris and Brussels attacks.

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[NOTE: In Paris, 130 people were killed while 32 more died in Brussels.]

The Atars are cousins of Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui, the two brothers who detonated themselves in Brussels.


Long ago, I wrote:

“Oussama Atar, a Belgian of Moroccan descent, is almost certainly the main culprit of the Paris and Brussels attacks. Question: why was he living freely when he should have been kept in a Iraqi jail?”

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The question remains unanswered.


Arrested policeman was in contact with brother of terror suspect — Brussels Times

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Paris attacks: new telephone data links Yassine Atar to the Paris attacks  — Brussels Times

Cousin of Brussels Bombers Is Charged With Ties to Terrorist Network — NYT


Oussama Atar — Belgian Policeman Arrested for Complicity in Brussels Attacks

One Year Ago — Belgian Policeman Arrested for Complicity in Brussels Attacks

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