White House — A Message in the Snow [Humor]

“The principle of individuality, also known as the principle of uniqueness, forms the basis for handwriting analysis. That is, no two writers share the same combination of handwriting characteristics given sufficient quantity and quality of writing to compare.”

Diana Harrison — FBI handwriting analyst

The South Lawn of the White House and the Atlas cedar tree covered with snow

White House – Winter 2019 – While patrolling the South Lawn, agents from the secret services discover with horror that someone has peed a threatening message in the snow near the Atlas cedar: “Impeach Trump Now”. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

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The President is furious. He asks the FBI to investigate and arrest the culprit ASAP.

Less than 24 hours later, the ‘experts’ have come to a conclusion.

FBI – We requested urine samples from all people who had access to the garden in the last day and we made a full mass spectrometry analysis. Based on the comparison with the evidence found at the crime scene, we have assessed with HIGH CONFIDENCE the identity of the culprit.

DT – Who is he?

FBI – The Vice-President

DT – I knew it. This traitor wants my job.

FBI – Mr. President, there is more…

DT – What now?

FBI – Although the urine definitely belongs to Mike Pence, our experts have determined that the handwriting is not his.

DT – I don’t get it.

FBI – Our experts have reviewed the handwriting of all people who have access to the White House. They have concluded that your wife wrote the message.

The End!

Handwriting Analysis Evidence: “Document Examination” 1969 FBI Training


Handwriting Examination: Meeting the Challenges of Science and the Law by Diana Harrison — FBI Website


White House — A Message in the Snow [Humour]

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