One Year Ago — The Man Who Dodged “638 CIA Plots” to Assassinate Him

“If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”

Fidel Castro — (13 August 1926 – 25 November 2016)


Fidel Castro — (13 August 1926 – 25 November 2016)

The man in charge of protecting Fidel Castro claims that the Cuban leader dodged 638 CIA plots to assassinate him. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration! Nevertheless… Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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One of the more devious plots was when they hired his ex-mistress Marita Lorenz to feed him capsules of poison.

“Castro found out that she was there to assassinate him, and responded by putting a gun in Lorenz’s hand, telling her to shoot him, but she could not bring herself to carry it out.

Then he took a puff on his cigar and closed his eyes. He made himself vulnerable because he knew I couldn’t do it. He still loved me and I still loved him.”

Time and time again, it happened. People would simply not accept to participate in his assassination.

A “Moral Jacket”

On a trip to New York (1979 UN), Castro was asked if he was wearing a bulletproof vest? He opened his shirt, showed his bare chest, and replied:

“No, I have a moral one.”

638 Ways To Kill Castro  — Documentary


How Fidel Castro Survived 50 Years Of CIA Assassination Attempts


The Man Who Dodged 638 CIA Plots to Assassinate Him

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