One Year Ago — Blast From The Past: The NSA & the CRYPTO AG Sting

“Further evidence suggesting that the Crypto AG machines were compromised was revealed after the assassination of former Iranian Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar in 1991.”


On 7 August 1991, one day before Bakhtiar’s body was discovered, the Iranian Intelligence Service transmitted a coded message to Iranian embassies, inquiring “Is Bakhtiar dead?” Western governments were able to decipher — in real-time — this transmission, causing Iranian suspicion to fall upon their Crypto AG equipment. They were not wrong. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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‘Pure Gossip’

On 29/12/2007, I wrote the following in a piece titled The NSA-CRYPTO AG Sting:

“For decades, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been reading effortlessly ultra sensitive messages intercepted from all parts of the world.

This extraordinary feat was not the consequence of the work of some genius cyber mathematician. Nor was it the result of the agency dominance in the field of super computers, which allegedly have outpaced their most direct rivals by orders of magnitude.

The truth is far simpler and quite troubling. The game was rigged.”

At the time, most consider this as utter ‘conspiracy theory”! Not anymore

CX 52 Hagelin Machine

CX 52 Hagelin Machine

“One of these former engineers told Buehler that he had learned about the cooperation from Boris Hagelin Jr., the son of the company’s founder and sales manager for North and South America.

In the 1970s, while stranded in Buenos Aires, Boris Hagelin Jr. confided that he thought his father had been wrong to accept rigging the Crypto AG machines.”

‘Without Foundation’ — Of Course!

Crypto AG rejected these accusations as “pure invention”, asserting in a press release that “in March 1994, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office initiated a wide-ranging preliminary investigation against Crypto AG, which was completed in 1997. The accusations regarding influence by third parties or manipulations, which had been repeatedly raised in the media, proved to be without foundation.”

Subsequent commentators were unmoved by this denial, stating that it was likely that Crypto AG products were indeed rigged.

Le Temps has argued that Crypto AG had been actively working with the British, US and West German secret services since 1956, going as far as to rig manuals after the wishes of the NSA.

These claims were vindicated by US government documents declassified in 2015

The Truth. Absolute and Incontrovertible Truth.

In a piece published on 28/07/2015 – How NSA and GCHQ spied on the Cold War world – BBC Gordon Corera wrote:

The central document is a once top-secret 22-page report of a 1955 visit by Friedman to Zug in Switzerland, where Crypto AG was based.


Boris Hagelin

Some elements of the memo have been redacted – or blacked out – by the NSA.

But within the released material, are two versions of the same memo, as well as a draft.

Each has different parts redacted. By placing them side by side and cross referencing with other documents, it is possible to learn many – but not all – details.

The different versions of the report make clear Friedman – described as special assistant to the director, NSA – went with a proposal agreed not just by US, but also British intelligence.

Friedman offered Hagelin time to think his proposal over, but Hagelin accepted on the spot.


“Subsequent commentators were unmoved by this denial, stating that it was likely that Crypto AG products were indeed rigged.” [Crypto AG – WIKIPEDIA]

Here is the piece titled “The NSA-CRYPTO AG Sting”

And I sure was right… Still, it is good to see that Jimbo [jimmy Wales co-founder of Wikipedia] has learned something from me… (See FLASHBACK: WIKIPEDIA Edited by the CIA ).

It has been a long road since Jimbo ridiculed my allegations that ‘his Wikipedia’ was edited by the CIA… Who knows what the Lockerbie page will say 50 years from now?

Boris Hagelin Junior

The reader may wonder what happened to Boris junior? On 15/01/2012, Sixten Svensson — Brother-in-law of the late Boris Hagelin — told me the following:

“Boris Hagelin Junior was killed in Washington DC and died 17.11.1970. He lived 3 weeks in hospital before, but brain-dead. Somebody told me it was an arranged car crash…”


Sixten Svensson — Brother-in-law of the late Boris Hagelin

CRYPTO AG and  UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld

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According to Svensson, the machine used by Hammarskjöld during his visit to Congo was one of the rigged machine. So the CIA, the NSA and the GCHQ were able to read his communications in real-time. (The ddetails of this information will not be published before 2033.)


Hammarskjöld’s Last Message

The Ndola United Nations DC-6 crash happened on 18 September 1961. Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations and 15 others died. Hammarskjöld’s death occurred en route to cease-fire negotiations. The following message had been sent the day before.


Connect the dots… Tell the Story

“Another theory — put forward in letters that were allegedly written by a clandestine South African mercenary agency, and released by the South African government in 1998 — purports that South Africa had carried out a determined operation to “remove” Hammarskjöld from office.

The plot, known as Operation Celeste, allegedly had support from then CIA director Allen Dulles, who promised “full cooperation from his people,” in addition to the Belgian Mining company Union Miniere.

But the UN panel was unable to confirm the veracity of the documents: in part, because South Africa did not respond to the investigators’ request for help.” [VICE NEWS]



Richard Goldstone [Former chief prosecutor for the U.N. war crimes tribunals in Rwanda and Yugoslavia] has stated that he has “a strong feeling that Hammarskjold’s death was not an accident.”

Stay tuned!



What Does the UK Know About the Mysterious Plane Crash That Killed a UN Secretary-General?



Blast From The Past: The NSA – CRYPTO AG Sting

One Year Ago — Blast From The Past: The NSA – CRYPTO AG Sting

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