One Year Ago — NSA Hacked French President’s House: Video Back Online

“Keith Alexander (Director of the NSA) told me he was disappointed because he never thought we would detect them and he even added: You guys are good.”

Bernard Barbier


French newspaper “Le Monde” just published an article confirming that the US/NSA indeed hacked the Élysée Palace in 2012. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

UPDATE –With hindsight, a couple of facts strike me as particularly relevant to our (mis)understanding of some current issues. First, the French media blamed a country (Turkey) for the hacking while the DGSE and the French government KNEW that the US was the culprit. Whether these media were ‘useful idiots’ or accomplices, we do not know at this point… Second, it is really laughable to learn that the Belgian Telecom and government turned to the NSA for help. Is this HILARIOUS, or what? These clowns truly deserve their reputation. But of course, trust Mickey the Pompeous… “Our great ennemy is WikiLeaks.” What a joke! —END of UPDATE

‘Quantum Insert’ has been used to hack the machines. This type of attacks was used in the GCHQ/NSA operation against employees of the Belgian telecom Belgacom (renamed Proximus today).

The malware was detected in May 2012 — between the two rounds of the Presidential election — and the help of the Technical Division of the DGSE was requested.

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Bernard Barbier — the Director of the DGSE Technical Division from 2006 to 2013 — came to the conclusion that the US/NSA was behind the hack.



Bernard Barbier : the Director of the DGSE Technical Division from 2006 to 2013

The fact that the NSA spies on the French President has shocked a few people but Barbier is not too surprised.

“In the Intelligence World, you have some allies. You don’t have friends.”

How Quantum Insert Works

According to various documents leaked by Snowden and published by The Intercept and the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Quantum Insert requires the NSA and GCHQ to have fast-acting servers relatively near a target’s machine that are capable of intercepting browser traffic swiftly in order to deliver a malicious web page to the target’s machine before the legitimate web page can arrive.

To achieve this, the spy agencies use rogue systems the NSA has codenamed FoxAcid servers, as well as special high-speed servers known as “shooters,” placed at key points around the internet. [WIRED]

French Capacity

According to Barbier, the difference in term of capacities between the French and the U.S. agencies is significant. The NSA enjoys a workforce 20 times larger (60,000 vs 3,000), and a budget 40 times bigger (US $50 Billions).

Even the GCHQ (UK) & UNIT 8200 (Israel) have twice more resources.

Warning & Recommendations

Barbier believes that the Intelligence capacities of France are not matching the geopolitical ambitions of the French Government.

If France gets involved in countries such Mali, Syria and Libya, then you must assume that “these guys” will not sit idle. They will attempt to make trouble in France. In his opinion, France does not have the Intelligence capacity to manage these threats.

Barbier ridicules the idea of a “European CIA/NSA.” However, he believes that a joint French-German Intelligence Agency could be established and would be very efficient. Such Agency would enjoy a workforce of 15 000 skilled people.

The interview

The interview of Bernard Barbier — in French — can be watched in this video. Unfortunately, the sound is pretty bad.

UPDATE 1 — 6 September 2016

RELATED POST : NSA Hacked French President’s House – UPDATE

A recent post — NSA Hacked French President’s House  — has been viewed yesterday by more than 7,000 readers from 124 countries.

Unfortunately, we noticed that the video is no longer available: “This video has been removed by the user”, YouTube indicates. And of course, the video is no longer available on the website of the French Newspaper ‘Le Monde’.

UPDATE 2 — 17 September 2016

The video is now back on Youtube! The sound has been ‘cleaned up’ but it seems that the content is identical. The video was posted by a person named Henri Chain.


Les Etats-Unis ont bien piraté l’Elysée en 2012 — Le Monde 03 September 2016

How to detect sneaky NSA Quantum Insert Attacks — WIRED


NSA Hacked French President’s House: Video Back Online

One Year Ago — NSA Hacked French President’s House: Video Back Online

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