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TEN YEARS AGO — “What a hornets’ nest I had stirred!” [Wikipedia edited by the CIA]

“This story is demented and broken on so many levels, it is quite difficult to know where to begin, even. Here we have an excellent Wikipedia administrator who has been victimized by lunatic conspiracy theorists, a private person who has … Continue reading

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Remembering Lockerbie — Pan Am 103 Quotes

“I regard the Lockerbie verdict against Megrahi as a ‘Grand Monument to Human Stupidity’.  Indeed, the written opinion of the Lockerbie judges is a remarkable document that claims an ‘honoured place in the history of British miscarriages of justice.’ If the … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Clinton’s Emails: Moussa Koussa and The “Lockerbie Bomber”

“The leaders of the Magariha were angered when Qaddafi allowed tribal member Abdelbaset Ali al- Megrahi to take the blame for the Lockerbie bombing in an international tribunal in 2001. The Libyan leader believed that he had resolved this situation … Continue reading

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New York Times vs. CIA: “An Old Debate Wrapped in New Clothes”

“Because it’s a military operation, I don’t think we can completely treat the people who run it purely as intelligence operatives. It moves into a different realm in the discussion as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like you’re exposing … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — CIA’s Strategy in the Face of Emerging Challenges

“Whether in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, or Latin America, the United States faces security threats on a number of fronts and by an array of actors, including extremist networks, rogue states, and emerging powers. The Central Intelligence Agency is … Continue reading

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CANADA — Statement from CSIS Director on Allegations of Harassment

“These are all exceptional employees of CSIS. They’re the people that we need on the ground dealing with national security issues, representing minority populations that are so important. And it’s a catastrophe for Canadians that we aren’t able to keep … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — James Jesus Angleton: Beneath the Lie of “National Interests”

“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” James Jesus Angleton “Was Angleton ever invited to address the only logical conclusion to his thesis, before alcohol and a last overdose of madness got the better of … Continue reading

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The KRYPTOS Sculpture — An Introduction

“Maybe you’re mistaken–maybe this first part of the Kryptos code is really not a polyalphabetic Vigenere Tableau after all–maybe it’s a different type of code entirely. Or maybe it is a Vigenere code, but it’s been double or triple encoded–or … Continue reading

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One Year Ago — Radio Pyongyang Resurrects “NUMBERS STATION”

“It is one thing for North Korea to have a missile that could harm the United States and another for it to have an arsenal of such weapons. Things could be done to narrow its capacity to develop a stockpile. … Continue reading

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Ex CIA Robert Levinson — “Fox News Fake News”

“After ten years, Bob is still not home, and despite repeated promises, Iran has yet to cooperate in any meaningful way. Iran is responsible — if Iranian officials don’t have Bob, they know where to find him. Bob’s return is … Continue reading

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