INTEL TODAY — First 500 Posts!

“There is a wonderful book that you might read… And the title of it is from a quote from Winston Churchill: ‘In time of war, the truth is so precious, it must be attended by a bodyguard of lies.’ ”

US Secretary of State George P. Shultz (03/10/1986)

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Here are some of the posts you seem to have enjoyed!

Former DIA Colonel: “US strikes on Syria based on a lie”

NSA Hacked French President’s House

WikiLeaks: ‘Vault 7’ dump reignites debate about deadly car crash of Michael Hastings


9/11 — Two Unanswered Questions

Journalists for Hire: “How the CIA Buys the News”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo tells a whopper

Trump’s ‘utterly ridiculous’ spy story rings a bell

Who Is Who in World Intelligence and Security Agencies : BND ORGANIZATION CHART

Inside the Intrigue of ‘Russia’s Cyberattacks’


INTEL TODAY — First 500 Posts!

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