The Michael Flynn Saga: “The more you know, the less you understand.”

“It is starting to look like, from my sources and then also from open reporting, that Mike Flynn is the one who may have a deal with the FBI and that’s why we have not heard from him for some time.”

Juliette Kayyem —  Former assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs

Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, and Jill Stein attending the Russian State owned TV Gala as Putin’s guests (December 2015)

Julliette Kayyem — a CNN analyst and former Homeland Security official — believes that former national security adviser Michael Flynn may have struck a deal of some sort with the FBI. Follow us on Twitter: @Intel_Today

On Friday (March 24 2017), former CIA director James Woolsey came forward  with some troubling details about Flynn’s work for the Turkish government.

Woolsey told The Wall Street Journal that he sat in on a September 19 meeting with Flynn and two ministers of the Turkish government.  The son-in-law of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attended the meeting in which the subject of the extrajudicial removal of a U.S.-based cleric named Fethullah Gulen was ‘seriously’ discussed.

“What I saw and heard was sort of the end of the conversation — it’s not entirely clear what transpired because of that — but it looks as if there was at least some strong suggestion by one or more of the Americans present at the meeting that we would be able — the United States would be able — through them, to be able to get hold of Gulen, the rival for Turkey’s political situation.”

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The ‘September 19 meeting’ was held at Essex House hotel in New York City. By the time Woolsey entered the meeting, the discussion had been going on for 45 minutes.

Woolsey told a mutual friend of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s about the discussion and  stepped down from the Trump transition team on January 5 2017.

Woolsey listed in the ‘Gulen Contact’ 

In its contract with Inovo BV, Flynn Intel group agreed to conduct research on Gulen using an “investigative laboratory” consisting of several former intelligence officials, including Brian McCauley and James Woolsey.

Brian McCauley is a former deputy assistant director for international operations at the FBI.

Actually, Woolsey was unaware that he was listed in the contract and/or part of an “investigative laboratory.”

Flynn Intel Group roster (Archived website)

Other people listed in the contract — which went into effect on August 15 — are  Paul Becker (former director of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff) and Bijan Kian (a former director of the Export-Import Bank).

The plot

The “dead of night” operation was intended to circumvent normal U.S. extradition laws, Woolsey said.

“The plan was “a covert step in the dead of night to whisk this guy away.” [RAW STORY]

A spokesman for Mr Flynn has disputed Mr Woolsey’s version of events.

“At no time did General Flynn discuss any illegal actions, non-judicial physical removal or any other such activities.”

However, the contract makes it clear that Flynn Intel Group had agreed to ‘potentially’ make “criminal referrals” based on its research of Gulen.

In October 2016, Flynn Intel officials presented some of their ‘anti-Gulen’ research to the House Homeland Security Committee.

Bijan Kian — Flynn Intel partner and an owner of a 33 percent equity stake in the firm —  facilitated the meetings.

“The meetings were a bait-and-switch, a House source said. The true goal was to present evidence on Gulen’s complicity in the July 15 coup attempt, as well as on a network of charters schools operated in the U.S. by Gulen’s supporters.” [Daily Caller]


July 15 2016 — Attempted coup in Turkey. Ankara claims Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in the US since 1999, masterminded the failed putsch. Extradition requested. Turkey Coup: “CIA Plotters’ Meeting” in Büyükada

August 9 2016 — Flynn Intel Group entered into a contract with Inovo, a consulting firm based in the Netherlands. The work focused on Mr. Fethullah Gulen and charter schools in the United States that are associated with Gulen.

August 15 2016 — The Flynn – Inovo contract goes into effect.

August 15 2016 — Presidential Candidate donald Trump tweets: “I’ve got fresh evidence 13 CIA senior officers helped in Turkey Failed Coup. I will divulge the names in the coming days.” Trump and the Attempted Coup in Turkey : “13 CIA senior officers helped in Failed Coup”

August 24 2016 — U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Turkey. Biden made it clear that an extradition request is a legal matter, not one for the POTUS to decide.

September 9 2016 — Inovo BV Payments to Flynn Intel Group $200k

September 19 2016 — Flynn met with senior representatives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government at the Essex House hotel in New York City. Extradition of Gulen discussed.

October [x] 2016 — Flynn Intel officials presented some of their ‘anti-Gulen’ research to the House Homeland Security Committee.

October 10 2016 — Inovo BV Payments to Flynn Intel Group $185k

November 8 2016 — Suspicions about Flynn’s ties to the Turkish government were sparked by an op-ed he wrote in the Hill. Flynn calls Gulen ‘shady’ and endorses his extradition.

November 10 2016 — Mike Flynn calling for the extradition of Gulen

November 15 2016 — Inovo BV Payments to Flynn Intel Group $145k

November 17 2016 — President-elect Trump intends to pick Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be his National Security Advisor

November 17 2016 — Gen. Michael Flynn picked be next National Security Advisor

Jan 5 2017 — “Effective immediately, Ambassador Woolsey is no longer a Senior Advisor to President-Elect Trump or the Transition.” Woolsey said on CNN that he did not want to “fly under false colors” any longer.

February 14 2017 — National Security Adviser Mike Flynn has resigned.

March 8 2017 — Flynn Intel Group Inc filed retroactive documents with the Department of Justice to register as a foreign agent.

March 24 2017 — WSJ breaks the news of the September 19 meeting (Woolsey). The meeting was however mentioned in the documents filed on March 8 2017.

March 25 2017 — Julliette Kayyem (CNN) suggests Flynn made a deal with the FBI

CNN analyst: Sources say Mike Flynn has turned on Trump and become a witness for the FBI

Juliette Kayyem —  Former assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs — posted the following comment regarding the CNN interview:

“There is a lot of attention today on the CNN segment last night. I, as have others in the national security field, have observed that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is potentially a key figure in the investigation; I have said so many times for many weeks. Last night, I noted that other Trump players named in recent stories have agreed to speak in front of the House Intel Committee and that Flynn has not.

And I stated that it raises a question about whether he may have a deal with the FBI. Moreover, sources I have talked to in the field also are increasingly wondering the same thing. But, to be clear, I did not say on this segment that I have any confirmation that he is actually cooperating or that I have talked to anyone who does. My informed analysis of this case is based on my years of experience in the national security arena.”


Did Michael Flynn Strike A Deal With The FBI? CNN Analyst Claims He Might Have — The Daily Caller

As Foreign Agent For Turkey, Flynn Agreed To Form Elite Investigation Team, Make ‘Criminal Referrals’ — The Daily Caller


The Michael Flynn Saga: “The more you know, the less you understand”

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