Russia Hoax — Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Clinton Role

“All of this underscores that the great scandal of 2016 wasn’t Russian collusion. It was the unleashing of America’s premier law enforcement agency against a presidential campaign based on Russian disinformation midwifed and financed by the Clinton campaign. The public is finally getting the truth about the FBI’s malfeasance, and Messrs. Barr and Durham deserve credit for exposing it.”

Wall Street Journal (September 26 2020)

“At my direction, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has now provided almost 1,000 pages of materials to the Department of Justice in response to Mr. Durham’s document requests. I will continue to ensure the Intelligence Community’s responsiveness to the DOJ’s requests. We also look forward to supporting the DOJ in further declassifications consistent with their investigation. As the President has made clear, we must be appropriately transparent with the American people and give them the confidence that the extraordinary work of Intelligence professionals is never misused or politicized.”

DNI Statement on Support to Durham Investigation (October 7 2020)

October 8 2020 — John Ratcliffe — The head of the U.S. intelligence community — has declassified a referral sent from the CIA to FBI Director James Comey in September 2016. The short memo speaks volumes. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The three-page referral, released by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to members of Congress in partly redacted form, apprised Comey and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok that intelligence suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had approved a plan concerning the Trump campaign and Russia’s alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee.

The Clinton plan was meant to distract the public’s attention from the Clinton email scandal, the CIA referral to Comey and Strzok states.


DNI Declassfies CIA Memo Containing Clinton Lead to FBI — The Epoch Times


Russia Hoax — Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Clinton Role

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